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We are truely dedicated to make your learning experience as much simple and authentic as possible!

Brining you a modern, comfortable and connected learning experience is on of our highest priorities and that's why we continuously try to improve your experience when you book anything with us.

We really appreciate and welcome any of suggestion you might have for us, so feel free drop us line anytime Click here

Book My Activity is owned and marketed by SCIM Technology & Buildcon Pvt Ltd.


Shortly put, Book My Activity(BMA) is a marketplace for learning! A simple-to-use one-stop solution for building everyone’s learning curve.

It helps individuals or groups to identify best matching educator for their learning needs. The educator may be an individual, a tuition class, a coaching center, a sports club, a studio or any place where learning is facilitated; who are curated and rated by BMA to help the users to take an informed decision in selecting the educator.

Learners can also book classes, activities, seminars, workshops, events or anything about learning; on-line. They can create a user profile, add family members, follow educator which you like and see their updates in news feed, look which friends are going to which learning activity. Learner's friends can see other learners accomplishments, certifications, goals and this learner community will help you to stay updated, aspired and motivated in life.

A notable amount of time and money is spent by the society at large in availing services of institutes and training centers beyond schools-colleges which have a significant impact on our personal life including self-upgradation and upbringing of our next generations to create opportunities for their future. We found this sector of institutes, training and educators highly unorganized, which results in a lot of time & money wastage, aggression and disappointment for the learners. Therefore, we decided to take a baby step to address the above pain areas by launching www.bookmyactivity.in

We are trying to create an ecosystem where we initially as a team and in near future with the help of experts create a sanity in the entire informal education system! Our ratings are based on very basic issues like, hygienic, clean atmosphere, parking facility, teacher's qualifications, safety, etc so that these minimum standards become a must in this sector over a period of time.


We started this from our own experiences of challenges we, many of our friends and family of the same age group faced. Lack of structured information about the mushrooming classes makes it very difficult; if not impossible; to meet learning needs varying with the age of children. The challenging work-life balance is making it more difficult for parents to take informed decisions about their children’s learning needs in absence of a system that can provide adequate information; as and when needed and in real-time. We believe, parents should be encouraged to invest time in their children so that it helps them to discover true potential of their children and they can encourage to bring about more successful and rewarding life for their children.

"That instant opting and gratification of learning" is what we believe in! Learning what we are looking for! Finding what we love to do!


About Founders

Shilpa is an Architect by academics with Masters in Construction Management who demonstrated her ability to meet the targets in challenging, complex situations during her eight years stint in construction industry! On returning to India in 2011; faced with unexpected learning resources’ challenges for their children during parenthood; she decided to venture in education sector with desperate desire to help the society, excel the children in their inherent skills, promote their exposure level and with passion to make a paradigm shift in the learning curve of children. This is how bookmyactivity was born.

Ar. Chimay Dhamne too believed in her initiative and supported her actively through this venture to sustain and create a completely new market, customer base and flourish through the career aspirations which one always want to pursue.

Our vision is to make bookmyactivity a global “Learning Guide” solution.

Our mission is to impact the learning curve of every individual staying anywhere in the world.

Who are our customers?

Anyone in the age group 4-40 who is willing to discover oneself or his/her ward and/or learn something new that can help pursue their career, excel in their potential or get an exposure to new learning discoveries at their fingertips and in their spare time.

Anyone who is into teaching, coaching, and training can become our affiliate to serve our customers.


Started out of a small cabin from our architectural office in Nashik in October 2015 with one employee, we shifted to our own small office in February 2016 and since then we are growing. It feels great to be part of this tech community which is changing the human behavior dramatically.

We plan to grow pan India by 2018 and globally in next 3 years.


At present we are located in Nashik, Maharashtra which is "Wine capital of Asia" with a virtual presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.

Book My Activity Dedicated Team

Shilpa DhamneFounder & CEO

Chinmay DhamneCo-Founder

 Technical Head

Our Core Values

  • Anup Ghate
    Anup GhateParent

    Bookmyactivity.co.in is an excellent platform to find the classes for anyone. I was so overwhelmed with the thought of how keep my kid and the guests kids engaged in this holiday season and thanks to bookmyactivity, all the classes at one single click. Booking a class has never been so hassle free. Bookmyactivity rocks !!! Will always use it

  • Pooja Agrawal
    Pooja AgrawalParent

    I found 'Bookmyactivity' to be one of the most interesting and elaborative website. It surely fills the gap where every parent is searching for availability of information on different activities and classes going on in our city but lack necessary resources to get the information. I've personally enrolled my daughter for few activities, booked through 'bookmyactivity' and I was very satisified with the class. A big THANK YOU to this amazing initiative.

  • Nikitesh Joshi
    Nikitesh JoshiParent

    Was having a tough time compiling and short listing a summer camp for my daughter. To the rescue came Book My Activity! Not only did I find a decent set of centers to look at, the contact details for all classes were spot on resulting in super quick coordination.

learning Suggestions

We have affiliated educators/councellors from various fields to guide you on certain career paths | We have community of advisor who are guiding us on edging path of education and towards the path of success.