The Constantly Evolving Art: Puppetry

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21 March is World Puppetry Day. A day that celebrates this beautiful and communicative art form. The ancient art of puppeteering is now again reviving itself with new artists coming up. Not just in India but globally too, the art of puppetry is widely enjoyed not just by children but by grownups too. Today, on this special day, we tell you how and where you can learn the art of Puppetry professionally. For Indian kids and parents, word puppet will always be that beautifully coloured ‘Rajasthani Kathputli’ on the stage. Globally, there are various types used now like glove puppet, rod puppet, finger puppet, Shadow puppet and many... View More

Thinking To Work From Home? Check These New And Latest 16 Promising Work From Home Ideas

Category: Career

With a daily 9-5 job, it gets tough to even think about making some extra money. But with little great ideas, you can easily make extra bucks. Weekends or even late evening can be utilized to start a few skill classes. If you are amongst those who wish to brush up their skills and make some extra money too, this read is for you. Read on to know how these little efforts can fetch you extra bucks! Start a tuition class: This can be easily done with your 9-5 job also.  In case you are not sure about taking a class daily in the evening for kids; you can opt for taking special subject classes only on weekends. There are a lot of subjects tha... View More

Home Is Where The ART Is

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Art is something that can never be ignored and is always appreciated and admired. Art is a way of communication between the artist and the viewer. Art and Craft activities help to enable the hidden artistic abilities which we all are often unaware of. By indulging in Art and Craft activities, the right side of the brain is enhanced and developed which handles the emotional, imagination and intelligence part. Practicing Art and Craft in our daily routine makes sure to keep our life fun and entertaining. It also ensures to boost the quality of our lives. Art and Craft are considered as one of the major tools for developing people’s creat... View More

When In Doubt, Dance It Out

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‘’Forget your troubles and dance’’ is one beautiful saying that we all should apply in our life for a happy and a healthy lifestyle. It is a great way to express and communicate our ideas and make creative decisions in both professional and personal front. Dance is an effective activity which helps us to understand ourselves better. Dance helps in amplifying the concentration and observational skills. Dance is an activity which can never be monotonous and that is why it is also considered as the best kind of workout where you can groove on your favorite beats. It is totally unlike any other typical exercise which requ... View More

Things To Do This Summer!

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Just a few more weeks to go and ah! We welcome summers in India. It can be a long and dreary time period for many but at the same time fun and learning time for school children, youngsters and mothers too. Let me take you through all those options of activities that will not just make your summers exciting but full of vigor too! I always spent my Indian summers relishing juicy mangoes and listening to some great music alongside. But, I never forgot that there are lots of mango recipes also that could be learned in a cooking or recipe class during the summer break. Having a deep interest in music, I also made sure to join extra sessions for ... View More