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There were days when opting for commerce post 12th grade would only give you an option of doing B.com and M.com but now the students have varied choices from regular and professional courses. In India, many reputed colleges offer these courses. Now, parents are no more worried about their child’s future because opting commerce gives you a lot of options and streams to choose from. If you ask me what is the best course to do after finishing 12th class with commerce, I would definitely recommend you to go through the below list of top exciting career options and then make a decision. Read on!

You need to firstly decide what interests you most. It can be Finance, Accounting, Law, Auditing, Management, Investment banking or may be Teaching. So, make sure you know what you really want to choose depending upon your interest. There are numerous professional courses to choose from. Making a career choice is a tough decision. So, always know your interests and talk to experts before choosing anything. There are numerous YouTube videos available by experts who guide you specifically about their subjects and why you should go for it. Know about your obsessions and then decide wisely.

Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)

Doing B.com might not be everyone’s cup of tea but doing this might be helpful to you in many ways. Within three years you will know more about more about commerce field and it is always suggested to first atleast get your graduation degree from a reputed college. It can also be taken up via a correspondence course.

Bachelors in Economics

If Economics interests you go for this course. Studying micro and macro economics and knowing everything related will definitely give you specialisation. Think for a while and decide, if you really want to opt for this after 12th.

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

Business administration course can be done by those who wish to do business ahead in any form. You can also study this if you want to take ahead your family business. All the knowledge gained here will definitely be an add-on. After this you can also go for MBA but make sure you do your graduation first. It can be B.com too.

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

This is an undergraduate programme for 3 years which will help you learn a lot of management as a whole subject. If you dream to be in the world of business, go for this course to hone your language and leadership skill set.

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

Certified Cost Accountants do take care of the accounts record of any company. They play a major role in any big or small firm. You can do your personal practice or do a job in private companies too. The purpose of cost accounting is for profitability testing and budget preparations.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

You can be a certified financial planner too if you have chosen commerce. This is an exciting field too for those who want to make their career in wealth management, insurance planning, mutual funds etc. Financial Planning Standard Board India or FPSB India is the principal licensing body that grants CFP license.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

If studying Law interests you, go for LLB post 12th. The Bar Council of India (BCI) is the main regulatory body of Law Education. There are many reputed law colleges in India that can be chosen to study LLB. Becoming a lawyer requires lots of hardwork and awareness.

Chartered Accountant (CA)

If your parents encouraged you to take up commerce as a subject, then i am pretty sure they will be happy seeing you prepare for CA. This is a professional course for building a great career in commerce. A lot of hardwork is required here because the course structure can be diverse and lengthy. Once you clear CA, the doors are open to be a consultant, auditor etc. To clear even the higher levels in CA, tough preparations are required. You can always take practical lessons from the experts in the field.

Company Secretary (CS)

You can do this too after 12th class from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. A Company Secretary is basically responsible for all the regulatory compliance of the company and acts as an in-house legal expert. Study hard to get through this one too.

Be a Teacher

Students can also make a bright career in teaching after completing 12th in commerce stream. When you get your Masters Degree, you are eligible to pursue PhD and become a professor in the subjects like accountancy, economics, business administration and many more.   

Journalism and Mass Communication

After doing your 3 year B.com graduation, you can also go for course in Mass communications if job in the field of media interests you. You can get jobs in newspapers, magazines, radio, Tv and even Dot com portals. The knowledge of commerce will be surely an icing on the cake. Nothing goes waste. You can always start writing articles on the subject of commerce for a magazine or may be a column in a newspaper.

Event Management

A Certificate Diploma as well as Degree course can be done in event management. Different courses are available to choose from. The duration can vary from 1-3 years.

Fashion Design and Technology

If you are creative, know a lot about fashion and are constantly updating yourself in this field, you are fit to do this course. This course offers you jobs with many design schools, designers. You can also run your own design boutique or school. Apparel designing can also be done in this.

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