Are Mothers The Biggest Decision Makers To Change This New Generation Of India?

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I am Shilpa, the mother of two daughters, being one, I have realized we are always one step ahead of feeling, understanding and recognizing our children more than their fathers.
So, we not only feel, understand and recognize our child better but we take a lot of decisions for them as well as for our family. This includes juggling our own time, schedule and likings! 
How one can say that women do not know how to make a decision? Do you feel the same? I don't! 
In fact, I feel we are the ones who are making decisions every day, every moment of our being.
Working moms managing household chores, maids, pick & drop for kids...the list is endless, are sure to agree!
Every decision we make for the betterment of our child ( In India till they are 23 years old almost) until he or she graduates, whereas its a mere 16 in the foreign countries, is a conscious and informed one.
So we as parents are definitely the decision makers for our child's passion, interest, schools, college, academic and non-academic development, city, location, neighborhood, friends, exposure, food and many more things. 
So if we as parents are educating the generation who will lead India, can we be more sensitive, conscious and positive decision makers?
Can we provide a more evaluated decision-making process to help our kids choose their passion, career, and hobby?
How can we help "Mothers to become conscious decision makers?"
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  • Hi shilpa I am interested in the blog competition. How can I post the blog. Plz help

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    Suchita Malaviya

  • I'm Kavita mother of devansh (my son)....jb pahli baar uska rona suna bhut acha lgga usko touch krna sbb nya or bhut hi pyara....shyad feeling itni jyada h sbb likhna muskil h usko dek k wo smile aana ....usko rota dek dukhi hona....jb wo hasta h to Mera khoon bdhta h uske bachpan m aapna bachpan dekna uske sath baccha bnna.. lot of things...uske liye extra care...dinn raat ussi ka sochna sabse pyara wahi lgna...uske vaccine ko dek na pana dard hona ....jb wo sota h to maan krta h abhi jaga duu usko...jbb sararete krta h to mnn krta h Soo jaye...sabse jyada pyar krna sari duniya bss wahi ....uska kaane pine ka,nahne ka,kapdo ka har cheeze ka bhul khayal rhkna ...m yha koi award jitne k liye ye blog nhi likh rhi bss aapni feeling share krr rhi hu ...Jo shyad hi m

    Kavi Rangi

  • Ya i surely liked the blog nd want to participate.i want to pen down all my feelings which i hav for my child.

    Shalini Gupta

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  • Shaadi hone k baad maa banna ek nya mod lata hai zindagi Mae....socha ab tak sirf maa maa kisi ko kehte the ..per ab jab ek nanhi si jaan mujhe maa kahegi kaisa feel hoga..CHLO fir bhagwan nae mujhe ek princess di...sach Mae jb phli baar usko pakda usko dkha cha k v khud ki aankho Mae khushi k aansu na rok payi..sach Mae WO nanhi pari nae meri zindagi Mae aa k zindagi swarg bna di...Maine usko phli baar pari e keh k bulaya or aj sab usko pari e kehte hai..merit pari ka phli bar meri trf dkhna...meri feed laina..shyd janat sae kam nhi that...uske sath Kaiser mere 2saal 6 month nikal gye pta e nhi chla...uske bolna uska chlna bhut pyara hai...usne phla word v mmma e bila that..she loves me and I love her very much...shyad bhagwan nae mere or meri pari k pyar sae khushi hokr kuch time baad mujhe ek hor pari dae di...nw I have 2 princess.. One is 4 is 1year...him teeno maa beetiya ek dusre ki Japan both princess pari and shanaya r god gifted for me and my family...mujhe maa bnana bhut acha LGA....

    Shailja Bansal

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