As I Reflect On The Thoughts Of My Child !

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I realise that the ability to reflect on my day can bring in many learnings which itself is a transformatory experience... However, I have also realised that if I were to sit back and reflect on the thoughts of my child, my experience would be indeed a heartening one... And the best I can express it is through this incident ... My son wished hard to go to a fair which was just a walk down the lane and after a lots of negotiations (which wasn't warranted) we finally decided to go ... However, since there was some waiting time before we could have gone, we decided to spend some time in the garden and that unfortunately lead to him getting hurt and not able to make it to the fair... While I was obviously worried with the hurt he got and I cared for all the pain, I did not forget to bring to his notice that if he really wanted to make it to the fair he should have been careful while playing in the garden...My son kept crying and expressed how he would be able to take care of his wound and still enjoy the fair.. It wasn't possible for him though and finally he went off to sleep... While he so easily accepted that it was due to the way he played that he missed the fair and went off to sleep despite all the disappointments , a lot many thoughts crossed my mind which couldn't put me to sleep .... And then when I kept reflecting on his thoughts I just couldn't regret the response I gave to him...I literally wanted to wake him up in the middle of the night and discuss all what he wanted to do at the fair, the rides that he loved the most and wanted to sit more than once, the games he wished to play and above all the fun of sitting in a giant wheel ... But I think I lost the opportunity to connect to his feelings for all he needed in that moment was someone who could understand how much he was looking forward to the fair and how he was forced to miss it... I really don't think he was looking for ways in which he could still go and attend the fair if only he could have someone who would be able to acknowledge how important the fair was to him ... And I think it purely required my compassionate listening !!! And that night I couldn't wake him, but I did wake up with some new understandings !!!

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