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Trying hands on anything new is a real thrill for everyone. Baking can be your top choice to learn but to study it professionally and perfectly is an altogether different ball game. Most of us try baking first at home and when your cakes turn out to be less fully, burnt and may be less tasty! That’s when we realise and think about joining a baking class. So, today, we give you some real cool baking tips and also, some instructions on choosing that perfect baking school.

A perfect baking class will always be the one that not just teaches you to make different types of cakes but also tells you that baking is always a technique. The right class will also teach you how you can split the cake without knife, make layers, and do marvellous decoration and also using the cake knife and other little things. If you are serious about starting a bakery business or a bakery shop, learning from an efficient bakery class or school is vital.

Tips for faultless baking!

·         Don’t always worry about cutting the cake perfectly and use a cake leveller

·         Always preheat the oven before putting in the cake tin

·         Never ever open the microwave oven again and again to check on the cake. Let it cook evenly and take its own time. Have patience

·         Always keep a check on your baking soda and baking powder bottles. Never use them if they are too old. Buy fresh ones for cakes.

·         Check your oven temperature with an oven thermometer. You can always buy them online or from a nearby store.

·         Don’t use cold eggs or cold butter. Let them reach a room temperature. This really affects the final product. If you wish to see a lovely cake at the end of all the hard work, never use cold products.

·         Cool your cakes upside down. This will make the top flat and better.

·         You can also try using ghee in place of butter. My mom used to make delicious cakes in a cooker with ghee. They turned out to be amazing. Why not give it a try! Don’t use homemade ghee as it may be a little smelly for you during cake baking. You may start with any ghee brand from the market.

·         In place of lots of sugar, try using honey, bananas or even other sweet fruits.

Here’s what to look in a perfect baking class!

·         There are lots of bakery schools now a days that teach you the right skills required to be a pastry chef or just learning to start a bakery shop. Hunt for that right class or school

·         There are part time and also full time courses available to learn baking or pastry making skills. Choose wisely

·         In a right school, you will be taught a lot of things right from basics. This may include theory and practical both on baking the bread correctly, Pastries, Tarts and Pies, different varieties of cookies.

·         Look out for a school that will not just teach you the Indian version but also make you understand varieties like French Pastries, desserts etc.

·         In a right baking class, there will always be an assessment at the end of your course. Many classes award a certificate too that is very helpful if you wish to take this up as a career choice.

·         Always check on the pricing. Many big schools might charge you a lot and teach nothing great in return. Make sure to go through the syllabus that will be covered. Everything from Theory to practical must be mentioned in the brochure. 

·         Most great courses are designed to provide you training in house and also from reputed experts. Many bakery schools may also choose to have some sessions from international chefs.

·         If you are joining a big school or a class to learn baking, check if they are providing you internship with any branded hotels or bakeries or restaurants.

·         Check for number of students in a batch. Too many students in a baking class batch may be more like a mess. Always choose a class that has fewer students per class and teaches you almost like one on one. Cooking and baking are activities that will require you to ask numerous questions as you start preparing for it in the kitchen

·         It is all up to you to choose the right class. It can be a big school or an activity class nearby. See if the class has some quality equipments to be used. It matters!

Check your level first. Make sure the class you choose matches your level. If you are just starting off, take deep interest in all the topics and sessions in the class. They might be of a great help to you. If you are already an expert, go for advanced classes that also arranged lectures and lessons by industry experts too.

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So, if baking is on your mind and you really wish to learn it professionally, you may also look for some long programs focusing on just baking. There are lots of schools and baking classes that make you learn this skill so that you can actually develop it into your own business. Show up your creativity at the right baking class and show full interest till you are in the class. Skills like baking can never be learnt half heartedly. Right from the basic baking to making those 3 tiered- huge wedding cakes, a right baking school will prepare you to do wonders in baking. Choosing a right baking class must be done with utmost care and full research. Do your homework completely before joining in any baking class and always know what your heart really wants.

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