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Bookmyactivity started in 2015 with a mission to make a paradigm shift in the learning curve of children. Often, parents face major challenges in giving proper exposure to their children and also when they themselves want to venture out into the world in order to learn some new skills. Book my activity is a one-stop global “learning guide” solution.

It helps individuals or groups to identify best matching educator for their learning needs.


Such educators(individuals, tuitions, coaching center, sports club, studio etc.) are curated and rated by Bookmyactivity so that the users are able to make an informed decision.


There is an option to book activities, classes, seminars, workshops, events or anything related to learning: online.


Learners can also create their profile, add family members, fellow educators and find learning activity attended by their friends.


We spend a lot of time in searching and availing services of institutes and training centers for self-upgradation and better upbringing of our future generations to create opportunities for future. But unfortunately, the whole sector is highly unorganized which results in a lot of time and money wastage and disappointment in learners. So, we at Bookmyactivity are trying to create an ecosystem in order to create a sanity in the entire informal education system.


The ratings of the institutes, activity centers, coaching class etc. are based on hygiene, clean atmosphere, parking facility, expert qualifications, safety etc. We do this in order to recognize certain minimum standards which become a norm in this sector over time.


Anyone in the age-group of 4 to 40 who are looking to discover oneself or his/her ward or learn something new that can help further their career prospects, excel in their potential or get an exposure to new learning discoveries in their spare time can download our app and delve into hundreds of opportunities available.





Book my activity is creating a learners community and connecting verified educators with the mass. We also aspire to create an ecosystem where the precious time and money of people are saved.


Guided solution when you download the app:


Sign Up – Email and phone verification


Search – You can modify your search by BMA rating, Verification, Neighbourhood, Age, Subcategory, City


Contact – Call, live chat, email to Bookmyactivity team directly to the educators themselves.


Forum- for people to ask experts regarding their queries about learning and they will be answered.



E-commerce consumer benefits – On downloading the app, you get reward points for rating, booking, and following


Also, the hassle of paying fees in bulk is reduced as and when you download the app. You can pay your fees in EMI with us!


There are also offers on credit card payments through us.


Book classes, activities, events, seminars, workshops etc. as per your location, age and interest.


Through the app, you can also follow educators or service providers, get their updates in your news feed and look for notifications for something really fun happening near you.


You also receive newsletters and notifications as per your interest, city, and location.


The app is designed keeping in mind a person’s curiosity of finding something live happening around and booking that right away as per their own schedule, location and interest.


Thus, the app is your one-stop solution to pursue your passions and hone your skills.



“When you are hungry for learning something and do not know where to look for, Book My Activity App is the solution for you! Get what you love!”


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  • Must use an app for booking activities and availing e-commerce benefits! Save time and money.

    Shilpa Dhamne