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Ever since I was a little child, I always wanted to write better and beautiful. I always held my Ink- pen up and straight so I could keep my handwriting look just right for the page. When we talk of beautiful handwriting, another thing that instantly grips my mind is Calligraphy. The art that can be learnt by anyone and absolutely at any age! Thankfully there are quite a few Calligraphy experts who teach you this spectacular skill correctly and with ease.

Calligraphy can be called an art of beautiful handwriting. The term may derive from the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein). These days Calligraphy is notably used on greeting cards, Invitations for weddings and Birthdays, Special events, Logo designing, Envelopes, Birth certificates and much more. Starting a career as a Calligrapher will be a correct choice if this art interests you and you already have striking handwriting.

Types of Calligraphy

On a general note, Calligraphy can be Indian, Arabic, and Chinese etc. But not all calligraphy art is the same. In actual fact, there are three main types of calligraphy namely Western, Arabic and Oriental. You can choose any one depending upon your likes and preference and start learning it from a good Calligraphy school or class or maybe a workshop. Calligraphy is not just the scribbling of letters and symbol with a brush or pen but it involves rigorous practice sessions and passion to go along.

What all is needed?

No form of writing is more beautiful and romantic like Calligraphy. For Calligraphy, you don’t have to spend too much to start off. Start searching for a Calligraphy class nearby. Enquire about the fee structure and courses offered and start gathering the below things:

Calligraphy Pen or Marker

Calligraphy marker can be a perfect thing for beginners or children. With these pens, you will not get those fine and perfect lines but you will definitely get into the mood of calligraphy.

A Fountain pen: To take the perfect sense of calligraphy with those thin and edgy lines and symbols and signs, a fountain pain filled with ink can be picked up to start off.  There are many manuscript curve fountain pen sets available in the market too.

Dip pen and Ink: A Dip pen and ink pot can also be considered great for learning and taking calligraphy very seriously. You will definitely not get the comforts of using a fountain pen but dipping a pen into the ink and then learning the calligraphy skill has its own learnings and fun.

Any Paper to start off with but as you get better you would want to buy a crisp white paper for your calligraphy learning that does not allow the ink to bleed too.

A sharp pencil to draw lines and learn.

Ruler or scale is also needed during your calligraphy class. For correct straight lines and spacing, this tool is a must.

Why a class is better?

Though there are a lot of books available online to learn and master the art of calligraphy but taking direct lessons from a calligraphy expert has its own set of benefits. Firstly, you instantly know where you are going wrong. Then you also enjoy class time with other students and share this fun experience.

And the blunders!

Worrying too much: Making mistakes while learning any art is just very normal. Until you make mistakes, you don’t know what is correct in calligraphy. So, keep using a pencil and eraser for all these mistakes and then land up using a calligraphy pen.

Hold the pen correctly: Ask your calligraphy teacher how to hold the pen correctly as many times as you want to. Till you get it 100% right.

Work like a snail: Learning calligraphy should be fun and not a race to be won. Go slow and be a pro in this skill with all the time and patience.

Not practicing after class: This skill is like an ongoing process. The more the merrier. Don’t just keep your papers and pens away after the calligraphy class. Instead, keep practicing at home too.

Making calligraphy better

Any art when given an extra edge, push and a few colors brighten up. Calligraphy is also not just lettering on plain white paper and writing with black ink but more than that. Once you become an expert at calligraphy, you can think of many add-ons to your art to make it more eye-catching and in case you are thinking of a business, sellable too!

You can opt for colorful inks on your paper

Use of handmade paper with lots of colors can also bring a shine to your art

Use small symbols. Maybe a few stars, shapes and hearts.

Education required

For many art styles and programmes, a degree can be required to make a career in the long run. It can be difficult to find schools around who provide a proper degree for that but there are certain classes that do provide certificates that are good enough to start a career on your own. Most people do take a degree in visual arts and then carry on with Calligraphy. But absolutely anyone can learn Calligraphy at any point of time.

Basic and advanced brush courses

In the beginning, you will be taught only the basics in any class. For days and weeks you will be practising to write alphabets and symbols to get perfect in it. You will be using a broad pen initially. Lots of demonstration lessons will help you catch up with the style early. In the brush using sessions, you will be told about each and every stroke and also about brush pressure during Calligraphy.

What all it involves

Details on making the alphabets with a broad-edged pen

Knowing about types of pens, the ink used, nibs, brushes etc

Spacing in between lines and writing letters.

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