Career Options Available After Learning Various Languages

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With Indian companies emerging as global players and Indian market being eyed by the several multinational companies, it has now become important to facilitate smooth functioning of business communications without having any language barrier. Foreign language experts having good expertise and knowledge about the culture are in high demand in the corporate world. The candidates who are learning different foreign languages have a stupendous career with several multinational companies.

Is this a right career for me?

If you have a deep interest in knowing the different aspects, culture, and demographics of the different country then this career can give you multiple options to move and grow ahead in future. A career in a foreign language not only gives you the opportunity to learn and understand the culture and people but also gives an option to earn a handsome salary. However, you need to give some extra efforts on learning and keep practicing that foreign language. Having knowledge on foreign language alongside English will add significant value to your resume.  


What are the Job Prospects?

A proficiency in a foreign language with academic qualification will provide you several job opportunities in the sector of travel and Tourism, hospitality, embassies, diplomatic services, public relations, mass communication, publishing house, interpreting and translating, etc.

International organizations like the United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization, Reserve Bank of India, and many other national organizations to offers good job opportunities to the candidates having good expertise in the foreign language.


Good in case of applying for a job in a different country: If you are willing to relocate in a different country and if you have an idea of doing something in that country then a knowledge of the foreign language is beneficial to you.


Translator: Translating books, articles, writing subtitles for a film and series can offer you a good pay. However, to become a translator, you have to possess a complete knowledge of the culture of language, so that the translated language should sound natural and flowing. A serious immersion in foreign culture may become a rewarding career for you.


Teacher: This career option can be very much intellectual and rewarding. Teaching the same language which you have learned can be a perfect idea. It can shape the ‘brains of the future’. You can become a foreign language teacher at any institute, college or even at any online tutorials.


Blogger/Writer: Although becoming a writer is not an easy task, if you have a passion to write then the knowledge of the foreign language can give you the good opportunities. Many mass media firms look out for the candidates with an understanding and knowledge of foreign language and they offer a good package too. Even freelance writing can bring in some good results.


In conclusion, learning a language is not only fun and intellectually challenging, but there are many practical things to do with it. Even if you don’t choose one of the above, just knowing another language can open up unexpected “windows” and create surprising opportunities and can lead to very interesting paths, plots or side plots in your career.  Budding Star.


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