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Gone are the days when trying hands on a car all by you used to be the trend and reason for joy. Now, learning the skill of correct driving is a necessity to survive on the roads. One has to be assured that before hitting the roads he is perfect enough to face the heavy traffic and bizarre drivers alongside.  Joining a car driving school will not just safeguard you from the dilemma of real-time driving but will also teach you the rules that are to be followed on the roads whether in India or abroad.

It mostly takes around 10-15 days for the person to get just right with driving a vehicle. Let’s begin with day one at the driving school. So, usually, the first day at any professional car driving school will begin with a theory class. While most think of this as a boring and typical classroom type day, I believe it is vital to understand every aspect of driving before commencing to practically trying it. Theory lessons include parts of the car, how to use them, cleaning of the car and its maintenance too, understanding traffic lights and signals, petrol filling, gas usage, car puncture and much more. Ask as many questions as you can on the theory day.

Preparations a day before:

There is a lot to be followed a day before your driving school starts.

Get enough sleep

Don’t over think and relax

Talk to friends, relatives who have ever been to a driving school and were successful in driving a car.

Don’t skip breakfast

Be doubly sure from where you will be picked up to start the lessons for driving school


What to take along on day one

Driving license

Your cell phone

A hand towel

Spectacles (If you have vision problem)

A water bottle

So, it’s natural that first time driving can make you nervous but try to maintain your cool and concentrate on what the driving school instructor is explaining to you. If you have a mobile, better put it on vibrate mode, instead of completely switching it off. Sitting in the driver’s seat for the first time can be very thrilling but here’s the twist. You will be sitting in the passenger seat on your day one! The driving school teacher will explain to you the moves. Be sure to notice very movement very careful when driving school instructor is driving.   See, where is he really putting his feet and hands and how is he moving them swiftly as per need and traffic on the streets. Usually, day two or three will make you comfortable to be at the driver’s seat. Firstly, adjust the car seat as per your height and then start pressing the accelerator.  Do not place a pillow below yourself and drive to adjust the height. This can be very risky and bothersome in the long run. Check on the side mirrors and wheels and start pressing the accelerator. But hang on! Are you wearing a seat belt? If not wear it always before starting your car driving school lesson. After all, No one wants a heavy penalty on the day one of the driving school.

There are a lot of car driving schools that have dual control cars, whereas few start teaching on the car that we have at our homes. In these cars, the control is all in the hands of the person sitting in the drivers’ seat. I advice, learning from a driving school that has dual control cars is a better option. Here, even if you be bothered somewhere, the driver can apply breaks for you and control the situation.

It is totally up to you if you want to take the driving lessons near your house or on a highway early in the morning. You can think about it and let the instructor know. Bookmyactivity has a lot of driving school options for you. In the start, the teacher will always evaluate your comfort levels and skill levels. Don’t miss out on the fun of the first-day feel. This can be a lifetime moment for you. Don’t forget to click a few pictures once you are done with the driving lessons.

The twist and turns

After a few days, you will be taught to drive on the roundabouts or on the heavy traffic streets. Don’t panic as the driving school instructor has the control too. Be confident.  In case you have questions popping up in your mind, keep them to be asked at the end of the day and just concentrate on the practical lessons of car driving. Always remember practice makes a man perfect! Learn the techniques on the correct turning on the roundabouts and signals. Understanding the U-turn is vital too.

Should I take a friend along?

This can be a personal choice. While few believe that taking a friend or relative along can be very comfortable, secure and helpful, many take it as a complete disturbance. So, it totally depends upon you if you want to see any of your friends or relatives sitting in the back seat. Discuss this with your car driving school too. They might have some rules regarding this.

Another thing to keep in mind: Don’t hurry up in asking the instructor if you were good or bad. He will be able to tell you all of that at the end of your car driving course. Obviously, if you are not doing very well at driving, he doesn’t want to upset you by saying so. You will be able to drive the car very efficiently within 10-15 days and the car driving school teacher might give you some homework too after a few days. It can be taking a trial small round of the park nearby or maybe something on the theory part. Be ready to take it up sportingly.  You can also see a few driving videos on the internet to take extra knowledge. It’s not necessary but you might want to see more on it.


For me, parking was the most typical task to learn but managed to learn to do it after practicing regularly. The driving school will teach you all the tricks to park a car nicely. Keep practicing and always believe that if others can do it, you can too. Good luck with your car driving lessons! Remember to choose your best car driving school here at bookmyactivity.


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