Classes: Really A Need Or Wastage Of Time?

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After schools, the next important task which we all know and have always attended is the phenomenon called as “classes”. What is class?. It is a group of students attending a specific course or lesson. We have always seen that parents are busy in searching new classes for every now and then. And today, students are busy in the schedule of attending one class after another. Earlier, it was only for education or study purpose which was the need but today we find students are enrolled in any activity which is introduced. example: dance,swimming,cooking,painting,music etc. In fact, it has become a fashion to enroll to any novice activity introduced in the market. Organizers have created such mindset and are busy enrolling new various types of activities in the society and eventually gets fame. We really have to wonder how can students attend all so many classes with patience.

Although we agree that being multi-talented or so-called “all-rounder” is the need of the society but, still just by attending so many classes will not achieve the mission. We see so many kids literally going to many classes and end up in a mess with not even knowing a single activity properly. It is not the fault of kids.  We are just involving them in so many activities without their own interest. Usually, parents are simply following the trend. But, learning is another and more genuine part which cannot be achieved with such kind of mere attending classes.

Some exceptional classes are still there who teach and guide with integrity and hard work. Such classes be a mentor of students rather than simply being teacher or tutor. There are some teachers who take care of the interest of kids and according to their pace, they help students to get the real learning. They repeatedly monitor the child growth by personally observing each student’s progress and guide them in every walk of life. Such teachers are the real inspiration which helps students create interest in the subject and always help them to grasp and understand the concepts in the subject. They demonstrate the real-life experiences which motivate the students to think beyond textbooks. It also helps them to develop cognitive and innovative abilities of students. The sad part is such teachers are really rare in today’s commercial and materialistic world.

Looking at the global scenario of classes, let's take an example of U.K, There the system of classes is totally technical. They have online tutors and they teach each student personally. Each student is personally mentored by separate tutors who are on the online medium. Teachers teach according to the time zones. Basically, all teachers are recruited from all over the world. They have separate teachers for each and every subject and take care of student’s progress by continuous test series. Students ask questions to each teacher personally so, we can say that the students who really want to learn to get hugely benefited by such technical and online system of classes.

But, we still lack such kind of system, we see teachers usually teach at their home places. Which really lack professional outlook. Students get usually a homely environment with lot many disturbances. Although such type of classes hardly exist now as today's parents are much aware of the professional look of classes and their teachers. But, usually, with such kind of professional approach, we see teachers teach genuinely only for some starting years. Later, they develop some of the people for teaching their task. It has now become a fashion of such brand building and then lastly losing it own quality.

What we need is consistency, rather than making it business teachers should focus on making it service or real teaching serving activity which is really helpful to students. They should maintain the same pace right from starting to till the time where they can serve the society. Teaching is highly respected profession even today. When it comes to teaching the materialistic approach will not work. As being a teacher, means we are developing the next generation of our nation. Teachers are the molding factor of country’s young generation. They are responsible for generating values among youngsters of our nation. If we look at global scenarios teaching is the highly valued profession, such kind of mindset should be developed in our culture and system too.


Considering the expectations from the class systems and the present scenario. We, expect the government to look after this sector too. It is the need of the day to set certain legal rules on people conducting such class systems. Standardized rules and regulations should be developed and looked after. Along with manpower and efficient teachers, we should successively move towards technology integration with teaching. Teachers should be trained to use various technology tips to enhance the knowledge of students. The personalized learning environment should be developed. Overall, a standard system should be developed and it should be looked after. It should be mission oriented and should look after the real growth of every individual student in the class.  

A government should make legal policies for class systems and should charge fines if all students are not valued and are not given the service precisely. Various seminars should be arranged to the teachers to make them understand their roles and duties. Teachers should be motivated by understanding and implementing international standards in their respective fields. They should be highly respected and treated as the most valuable profession of the society. Along with teachers and their curriculum the next important factor is the fee structure. Uniform fee structure should be adopted so that students will get the justice. At least in learning activities, we should avoid package system as it makes the entire process totally commercialized.

Most of the educationalist and experienced teachers from respective domains should analyze this sector, various committees should be formed to look after this sector effectively. By applying, such above mentioned standard systems and by working with the technology we can hope to change the present drawbacks of classes.


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