Competitive Examination : An Unbiased Way Of Judging Talent

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“Examination” word brings an immediate fear in everyone's mind. We normally hate exams and always like to be away from it. Right from childhood, we are constantly engrossed in exams process. Well but we can say that it is the only through the way of exams that true talent gets real justice. It is the only path by which many students pave their paddle of success. One single exam score can tremendously change the life of many individuals. Today, almost all of the professional fields have adopted entrance examination system in which students face the competitive entrance test and then only they can be admitted to professional courses like, medical, engineering.etc. ,architecture,MBA etc.These competitive exams also play a vital role in civil service examinations like UPSC, MPSC where candidates are given higher designations based upon the exam scores.
Looking at all the career courses and education system scenario, we can easily conclude that there is no other option than the preparation of competitive exams. Earlier, it was descriptive examination but there were many drawbacks of it as it was human being dependent, so such multiple choice question pattern is largely adapted as it is totally systematically conducted and lastly students get justice. All these competitive exam questions are basically framed upon the logic and basic understanding of students in all the respective fields. The student should have the deep understanding of the concept then only they can clear such exams. It is a general way of checking the prior knowledge about that field. Earlier students used to just memorize the content than understanding it. So, besides equal justice students understanding ability is also examined by such exams.
The conceptual study is the way to prepare for such exams. The conceptual study implies studying concepts in details, deep reading, and actual understanding. Students should make a habit of understanding all the facts in detail. Just knowing a particular concept is not enough you should have entire knowledge of facts working, application, advantages, and disadvantages.
Deep study and understanding of each and every point of the syllabus is a very lengthy process. It requires patience and consistency throughout the process and duration. Here, planning is the next important factor on which students should seriously work on. Each and every day should be a planned day. Not only study being a human we need change, watch movies be social interact with m, any people but plan that too. Plan all your personal and study time.
Competitive exams are the part of the higher intellectual standards. Due to which proper guidance is the main factor above all the rest of factors. An average student can also score higher grades if he/she is guided properly in the entire course. Guidance means proper study material, typical types of questions and strategies. A lot of numerical questions and tricky questions are intentionally asked to check the understanding of students. For such cases, it is the role of mentors or teachers to prepare the students for all such types of questions. Strategies should be framed for typical types of questions and a detailed survey should be made on exam pattern too. Only an experienced mentor can give such tricks and ways to crack such exams. Students should occasionally communicate with such mentors also they should positively interact with students preparing for such exams. Group study should be planned in which more concepts are cleared by a discussion of the topics. Always be in the positive environment during the entire course.
Time is the next important factor in cracking such exams. All these exams are conducted in a specific time bound. Knowing answers is one part but attempting entire exam in a specific time bound is another and important factor. It needs a lot of training to solve particular questions with strategy in specific time. Here, only practice can make students trained to crack such exams. Let's take the case study of any of the topper, we can conclude that it is only the continuous practice of such questions which has made them successful.
Nowadays, such exams are being conducted for all age groups. It is true that these exams need a particular mindset. And we can develop such mindset right from childhood. So, it is suggested that kids should attempt such exams since childhood. Let's make students habitual to such question and time-bound exams right from early lives. Various scholarship exams should be attempted. So that students get a habit of reading and understanding all the concepts from early life which will be beneficial for them in later life and career.
Although we have studied and prepared but, cracking such exams is more the part of common sense and cognitive ability. Such exams always include indirect and tricky questions, which students generally will find it difficult and ultimately they will lose their confidence and lastly will fail. Presence of mind and situation handling attribute are checked during exams. Students can easily handle such situation by calm mindset. Being calm is the ability to be learned in all the stages of life. Students should learn to keep calm and
attempt such exams patiently.
After planning practice, guidance next important element is the belief in yourself. It is rightly said that” we can conquer the world if we can conquer ourselves”. Although one has studied a lot, took guidance and learned various strategies but lastly, it is self-confidence and belief which is going to help to crack in actual exam hours. It is being observed that many students study really very hard but fail during exam hours only due to tension. Remember, the exam is just a process to check whether one knows the concepts or not. But, fear always hampers the performance and as a result, many students waste many of the opportunities of their lives due to fear and less confidence.
Proper mental and emotional preparation is the key factor for such exams. Considering all the above-discussed factors, If students are worked upon all the factors then they can surely crack such exams and lead towards new life and career.

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