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In the world we live, we have innumerable options for anything and everything. From clothes to accessories to books to groceries to information, we have so many alternatives that we tend to get confused very easily. The same applies when it comes to choosing what to learn and how to do it. First of all, we must know the importance of learning at any or every age. Learning is a continuous process. You can never say that you have learned enough. There is something or the other which we can learn. We all should aim to be a life-long learner.




It keeps our brains healthy and active for a long period of time. Mental activities especially those that we do while learning new things or pursuing activities that stimulate our brains, strengthen our brain-cells and help us maintain an active brain function.


The white matter in the brain is called myelin and it is primarily responsible for improving performance in a number of tasks. Myelin becomes denser with practicing a new skill more and more. This helps in learning the new skill even better.


Who doesn’t like to interact and make acquaintance with a well-learned individual? Thus, learning also increases your social prestige and improves your quality of life. Your relationship with others also takes a better shape.


Learning a new skill also helps us to fight boredom and isolation. It breaks the cycle of monotony as we tend to get tired of doing the same things over and over again. While learning something new, our interest level is quite high which helps in grasping things better.


It has been found that people who are life-long learners are less likely to develop dementia which is linked to the demyelination of the brain. While in the process of learning, your brain’s myelin is highly active and hence the chances of dementia are quite low.    




The most important thing in learning any new skill or taking up a new course is that you should have a high degree of interest in it. Without having a considerable interest, you are most likely to get bored easily and give up midway. So, take up a skill for which you are really passionate about. Also, if you are learning a new skill with a lot of interest and passion then it is very much possible that you can also take it up as a future profession. If you just want to take up a hobby for the sake of spending some leisure time doing something productive, then also the interest quotient should be high. So, take all these points into consideration while taking up a new hobby.  



Bookmyactivity is an online booking portal for your favorite hobby, classes, workshops, seminars etc. In short, it is a marketplace for learning. It is extremely simple to use and is a one-stop solution for building everyone’s learning curve. It provides a very effective link between individuals and educators for fulfilling their learning needs.


A considerable amount of time is spent on finding what services could one avail in the area of learning. There are hundreds and thousands of training centers which provide vast opportunities to build one’s future. But the big question here is how to determine which institute or center is fit for me. Bookmyactivity helps you to find the perfect classes, activities etc as you can see the ratings of various institutes on the app which are based on hygiene, clean atmosphere, parking facility, expert qualification and safety etc.


Learners can easily build their profile online and book classes, events, seminars, workshops, activities. They can also add family members, follow whichever educator they like and see their updates in news feed. They can also track which of their friends are going to which activity. You can also modify your search by BMA rating, verification, neighborhood, age, city etc. You can also directly contact the Bookmyactivity team via call, email or chat. The forum on the app is for people to ask experts their queries.


How can you save your money? –


When you book your classes or other stuff using Bookmyactivity app or website, you become eligible for a number of amazing benefits like:



Credit Card offers: When you make your booking using your credit, you are entitled to a number of ongoing offers and also discounts on the fees. This reduces the burden of paying fees.



EMI facility: By using Bookmyactivity to book your learning needs, you can easily pay the fees in EMIs. Thus, your pain of paying fees in bulk is reduced through us! It becomes so much easier for you to choose your favorite classes this way.



Reward Points: You are also given reward points for rating, booking and following educators on the app. These reward points can be used in your future bookings.


So, Bbbookmyactivity is your go-to app for all your learning needs. The app also gives you live and curated service providers with whom you can connect through the app and get real-time batches and event information.


Download the Bookmyactivity app today, save time and money while learning what you love!!


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