Connect Instead Of Correct

Category: Mother's Day

Date 7th Oct '09

It's a Boyyy(Heard in OT)................Divine Thnx!

Pleasant peaceful happiesstt day of my life..
Our Journey starts ..words are not enough to jot itt ..
Shlok we named our li'l son.

"As parents, it feels good when our kid NEED us. When they turn to us for guidance & àaffection, each & everything is sowed from day one.. Those are all good things.

We do have to remind ourselves, however, our long-term parenting goal is to guide our kid from being totally independent Thinkers and Doers,more of Broader Vision in life . That’s no overnight task.

It happens in all the little moments and lessons that occur in the day-to-day. From little steps like letting them pick out their own clothes to tying their own shoes, to helping them to explore surrounding & imbibe all goodie qualities...
Share the emotional responsibility is a muz..
We make Shlok grow in a very simple & playful way . He likes to play or spend time with us more &  adapts, observes, learn the way we are . Shlok is following us, to trust/believe in God with daily Prayers & Gratitude . As in parenting we always strive for betterment in it a  culture,spiritual, sanskar,ethics ,respect. In all, "a good Human Being" I want my Shlok to be.

Being consistent was sometimes difficult for us .. But we realised to make strong bonding within three of us.. which eventually flow  consistency of taking care of eachother , understanding tantrums,voice out & sorting .This holds togetherness.

Connecting or spending more time with Shlok make our job as parent easier because children who feel connected have better listening skills,feel secure,respect elders,are obedient . Engaging in meaningful activities is a wonderful way to get to know better, build a self-esteem, share values, strengthen emotional intelligence, and create special memories . Coach instead of control.. Brillance,Appreciable showcase in results or in self interest activities are out put in Shlok's perferma..Proud parents we are!!!

The upbringing of a Shlok made us learn alott to keep patience,belongingness,priority to family,strong connections within family,holding tempers & alott more.... Still its many more to experience ahead . 

Being An Inspiration For Our Kids

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