Courses To Get A Good Paying Job In A Foreign Country

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After all who doesn’t wish to work once in a lifetime in a foreign country and earn well? But for this you will have to prepare yourself with certain courses that are in major demand these days. With these courses you will get enough information about your career path and a golden chance to work at a foreign location. Choosing the right course is very important for getting right jobs. There are a lot of courses that may improve your chances of getting jobs overseas in certain countries. There are countries that also offer well paid jobs in less heard sectors like Actuarial Science, Data Science, Big Data Analytics and many more. So, if you are an Indian student wishing to work abroad then you must learn about the below listed courses. Studying these courses will definitely upgrade your chances to get a job overseas.

Financial Services, Risk Management

If you have done your education in finance sector, sky is the limit for you. Many countries offer good jobs in this sector and pay very well. Experts in the finance field will not only have knowledge about the finance market but will also be an expert at acquisition and allocation of funds in national and international organizations. You can get jobs as a financial analyst, Regulatory Compliance Officer, Quantitative analyst, Marketing Manager and also someone who is an authority in Economics. Employment prospects in this field are countless. Internationally, there is a huge demand for people who are well with finance matters. You can either work with a Govt organisation (depends which country you are in) or start your own finance firm and guide people about right investment and wealth creation.

Healthcare and Pharmacy

The global pharmaceutical industry is surely growing and creating hundreds of jobs. With changing lifestyles and patterns and food habits, new discoveries in the medicine industry are common now. Healthcare providers like medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, pharmacists etc have a great scope ahead in this industry. There is a continuous need of medical experts in the field of primary health care, emergency health services, senior care, Nurses, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and palliative care and many more. You can study these courses, prepare yourself and get good jobs overseas depending upon which country you choose to go.

Food science

Food Science industry is still in its early stages but expected to grow very fast with growing urbanization. There is a lot more to this sector than just checking the quality of food, packing etc. This growing sector offers jobs in different areas like manufacturing, Food technologist, sales, packaging, machinery, flavour regulatory officer, processing in charge, quality check etc. The branches of food science include Food Microbiology, Food engineering and processing, Food chemistry and Biochemistry, Nutrition and Sensory analysis. All of these branches have great job prospects. Studying about these courses and overall sector might give you a job where you will be paid very well as compared to the counterparts.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering field that offers lucrative job avenues can be in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer Science, Petroleum & Mining, Robotics, and Industrial etc. This sector also employs large number of people every year across different countries. If you are seeking international job opportunities in engineering sector, prepare yourself well before applying for a job in any country outside India.


This is one of the fastest growing sectors. You can get a degree in Biomedical Sciences or Biotechnology and get your dream job in this sector. You can also choose to do MBA alongside for learning management skills and know about Technology Management, Marketing and much more.

Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure

Globally, most countries are trying to use renewable energy technologies to make the environment clean and healthy for the generations to come. Many countries are offering big jobs in the sectors of solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity. You can study these courses and land up getting a wonderful job in these sectors. This sector definitely offers great job prospects with well-paid salary structures.

Hospitality & Tourism

A lot of countries have grown to be perfect tourist destinations. This has opened pathways for multiple job opportunities. This fast growing sector may offer you jobs as a Tourist guide, accommodation manager, almost every kind of job in major hotels etc. Most jobs in this sector may not be the typical 9 to 5 jobs but some can be real interesting ones. Like a part time Bar Tender, chef for a particular cuisine, Customer service staff, guide and expert only for certain regions and certain times etc. So, this sector is very fascinating for everyone. Nowadays careers in passenger services is also offering huge jobs like the jobs of cabin crew, customer service, helping passengers on the trains, ships etc. Basically making people’s ride a joyful one!

Statistics, Data Science and Analytics

With everything going digital, this sector is booming and offering great job prospects to people globally. Data science consists of Statistics and Machine Learning, Computer Science and Software Development and Domain Knowledge. Analytics is also a rapidly growing field with wonderful job prospects. The Analytics may be of use in various industries like Healthcare, retail, FMCG, Hospitality and many others. A data analyst collects and interprets data and also helps in identifying patterns and trends in data sets. With the complete study of Data science you may land up getting jobs like Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Project head, Statistician, program manager etc. Data scientists are in huge demand globally. Data scientists not just do business analytics but they are also responsible for building software platforms, machine learning algorithms and much more. The job can be very interesting for someone who has thorough knowledge of the field and is well read and keep himself updated with the recent technological changes and up gradations.

While these courses will be of great help to get that perfect job overseas, always make sure you know all the rules and patterns of the country you wish to go and work in. The job structures, roles and pay scales may vary from country to country.

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