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Tasty mouth watering DAL PANCAKES recipe for kids INGREDIENTS - 2 tbsp yellow moong dal (split yellow gram) , soaked for 1 hour and drained 2 tbsp green moong dal (split green gram) , soaked for 1 hour and drained restricted quantity of salt a pinch of asafoetida (hing) 1 1/4 tsp oil for greasing and cooking METHOD - Combine the yellow moong dal, green moong dal and approx. 3 tbsp of water in a mixer and blend till smooth. Transfer the mixture into a bowl, add the salt and asafoetida and mix well. Heat a mini uttapa pan and grease it using ΒΌ tsp of oil. Cook all the chilas, using 1 tsp of oil, till they turn golden brown in colour from both the sides. Serve immediately.

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