Digital Marketing On Social Media Vs E-commerce Platforms !

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As Today's era when everything is about Technology, Mobiles & Internet, where every user is being tracked by their needs by linking their search history, used apps, purchases, and behavior of the user.

Now as a business owner we also get inclined towards starting a digital marketing for our offline or online business. If you are a coach, trainer, class owner, shop owner, clothing retail shop or for that matter any business! We start investing and chiming on our existing friends, family and surrounding circle to get noticed, acclaimed, appraise and at the end wait for sale to happen! But have you noticed sell never happens from this first circle of friends and family, it only happens from unknown buyers based on quality, uniqueness, and need of that product or service?

Generally, normal business owners outsource their digital marketing to a digital marketing companies & they keep on posting or sharing creative or contents on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more such platforms which are available in the market and has the user base.

Digital marketing is not only showing presence on platforms but making a growth in a business at less expensive compared to offline marketing such as brochures, hoardings, and flyers.

Ultimately after year or 2 years of efforts and monthly average spending 20k, they realize that it's not working at all and they need to spend on advertisements and they set a budget and keep on spending on it, waiting for that sell or lead generation to happen! But actually, these platforms can give you marketing, outreaching but sell cannot happen as Sell platforms are different and they are more of e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal and many more or lead generation platforms such as Indiamart, urbanclap, Justdial and many more. Similarly, platforms like Ubereats, Swiggy, Zomatoonline is providing an extension to your existing food/restaurant businesses! Ola and Uber is a taxi service added to your options similar to Auto Rickshaws and local taxi's or buses.

Ultimate example is Oyo Rooms and Airbnb-What if hotel or room owners just keep on creating creative and posting on social media chances are they will receive inquiries but OYO and Airbnb is taking complete responsibility of booking and making that sell happen because user trust those brands and maybe not yours because it is small or individual and mainly its local!

Now focusing on education or learning segment-

Medical tourism is increasing from outside India to various cities of India and can boost all activities or learning segment as they are here for short term and they are looking for short-term courses, local classes, local experiences and where all these lead generations or e-commerce platforms can reach your business and make you big!

Selling or showing presence on e-commerce or lead generation platforms can greatly vary your business growth! So if you are into coaching, teaching or training business make sure you are not only creating creative and posting on social media rather try to register or show your digital presence on lead generation platforms and especially on education related.

Also, just listing does not help but rather having a proper appealable profile is what consumer, student or learners are looking for! Ratings, Reviews, Photos, location, active batches are the things which entice one to enroll quick! Videos, Blogs linked to your profiles can save your time of convincing and enrollment can happen quickly!

if you are into coaching or teaching business, consider Book My Activity platform as similar to OYO room or Airbnb For hotels & resorts! Airbnb has scaled their income levels and so Book My Activity will increase your monthly revenues where only marketing, selling and credibility is our Job rest gets handled by at your core! This makes a partnership and win-win situation for all the core members!


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