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Children engage in sports to make a good time and feel the energies which they generally do not get with hours of education in classroom or their own study room. However, as they get into higher classes of academics, their sports time tend to decrease because the load of books increases. Most students generally choose academics over the sports because it is believed that giving too much time in sports could spoil the career prospects. Studies have proven otherwise! It has been precisely found that the students who played sports in their life score better in their careers. Various reasons have been put for this correlation and these include –

The sense of discipline and hard work

Children engaged in sports learn and develop a sense of discipline and finds inspired for the hard work so that the winning is ensured. Although it is not necessary that he wins each time but the inspiration for the hard work and discipline continues to build in him. These attributes help him in reaching better heights and designations in future

The motive to perform and momentum

A consistency in performance is what is desired in most sports. A player has to be ready for a spell of performance and engaging in sports on a regular basis helps to develop the same in him which ultimately helps to gain a dynamic momentum – an attribute most desirable in successful enterprising.

Mental coherence and concentration and coordination skills

When a child is enthusiastic about sports, the brain automatically achieves the state of concentration and coherence. These mental characteristics become part of his personality and thinking thus helping him become a good corporate leader. He also gains through better employee engagement because of his better coordination abilities.

The above listed attributes are hard earned through consistent engagement in sports of any type of one’s choice during the early stages. The children who never engage in sports fail to optimize these features of their mental development and generally lag in their prospects also as they enter various companies in their career.  

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The author of this article Mr. Barun Modi is a leading school reviewer of India and has been rating the schools on the basis of their performance and other parameters of vital relevance. His perception of things is very rational yet generically derived and he judges every school from the dimension of real output that the student studying there achieves. Such unique expertise has led to his prominence for the parents as also the schools that keep on approaching at his desk for a clean review and recommendations for betterment!]

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