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A person who is physically fit has a lot of avenues open for him. Both physical and mental fitness is a sine qua non to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Today, we often read in the newspapers that a vast number of people suffer from health-related diseases and obesity. Most of these are avoidable but we fall for them due to our unhealthy lifestyle. So, maintaining a physical exercise routine and having proper nutrition both are extremely important for a peaceful life.



EAT HEALTHY – It is known to everybody that a fit body needs 80% diet and 20% exercise but hardly anyone follows it. Quality food is what your body needs to keep going. It is also very important to give your body exactly what it needs. Always read the labels before you buy something. Eating a balanced diet is also extremely important. It should consist of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats like seeds and fish oils.


INCREASE YOUR MEALS BUT EAT CLEAN – It is absolutely ok to increase the number of meals as long as you eat clean. Eating meals every three hours helps to stimulate your metabolism.


EAT SMALLER PORTIONS – Since you eat often so you need to control your portion sizes. You can use smaller plates, bowls, and cups. It is also a fact that people tend to eat more when they are served on a larger plate.


PLAN YOUR MEALS IN ADVANCE – When you prepare in advance, you tend to eat just what is required. And you also don’t get tempted to eat unhealthy for the want of it. Carry your healthy snack box with you to the office also.


START WORKING OUT DAILY – If you cannot join a full-fledged gym, it does not mean that you cannot give your body some much-needed exercise. Start with some walking and/or running. Slowly move on to some easy to do exercises with home equipment. Go slowly but steady.


STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF – Mostly when you start exercising or eating healthy, your inches are lost earlier than your weight. So, when you want to track your progress, start with measuring how much inch-loss you had. This will keep you motivated as most of the people who weigh themselves and find no or very low weight-loss, often leave their fitness journey in between.


HAVE PROPER SLEEP – It is very important to take 8 hours of sound sleep. Without it, your body lacks the stamina and energy to do the daily tasks and the wear and tear can leave you feeling more exhausted.


CHOOSE A ROUTINE AND STICK TO IT – Nothing wreaks havoc on your body more than a bad routine. It disturbs your sleep cycle and metabolism. It affects your eating habits. It puts pressure on your entire digestive system. It is very harmful for your mental health too. So, try and stick to a routine despite your busy schedule.


DRINK LOTS OF WATER – It helps to flush out the toxins from your body. It also helps you to stay energized.


FIND A WORKOUT FRIEND – Very helpful in keeping your exercise routine intact. If one of you feels demotivated, the other can always get up and keep you both going.


CURB YOUR SUGAR CRAVINGS – If you have a sweet tooth, better to satisfy it with a fruit. Else all the diets and workouts will definitely go for a toss. For that momentary bliss, you definitely do not want to go to bed feeling guilty and wake up with increased weight.


MAKE A PLAYLIST – Pick a few songs that really inspire and you and listen to it while on a walk or working out. It makes a huge difference. It does not have to be grooving or fast music. Anything which you love to listen will do.


HAVE CHEAT DAYS BUT LIMIT THEM – It is ok to go off diet once in a while and it actually serves as a motivation. One off day does not result in a significant weight gain. But try to limit these cheat days to twice or thrice a month.


EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST AND A LIGHT DINNER – Breakfast should be high protein and dinner time should be between 6 to 7 pm. That ways your food gets ample time to digest before you go to sleep. Heavy breakfast serves as a fuel for the rest of the day. Include stuff which is high in protein like eggs, paneer, almonds, cheese etc.


INCREASE YOUR FIBRE INTAKE – Along with protein and fat, fiber is one important element which helps you going all through the day. In fact, for weight loss, fiber intake in extremely necessary. **Bookmyactivity helps you to find classes and activities according to what you like. You can also book your fitness and health on the site or the app. There are many options available on the app and website yoga trainer, gym, kickboxing academy, dance classes, meditation center etc. So, visit the app or site to book your classes today!


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