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I am Mahima a mother of two kids elder one Jedon is 2 yrs old and younger one Justin is 4 months old. When a girl is married she brings with her everything her dreams, emotions, all what she has learnt and would like to share with her life partner by contributing her best to live a happy and share a great bond. Soon she realises her life is now no more hers all the decisions need to be taken in consideration with her In-laws husband and kids. So is my life, I'm married to a wonderful and caring husband-Abhishek. He worked in Thailand and so I moved there soon after our marriage. Along with the In-laws who felt we as couple need their start to start our life. After they went back in 2 months, it was then we actually started learning to know each other and explore the place and culture. In six months I conceived my first baby which came with its own set of pregnancy challenges of food averaions, vomiting etc and in nex three months I had to come back to India to be with my family and In-laws where proper care could be taken to stay away from your husband was very tough for me. The day for which everyone was waiting arrived after labour pain of 12 hours I ended up having C-section and delivered a lovely Boy. I still remember that moment when I was taken out from operation theatre to shift into the room. My husband saw me with a gesture of saying Thankyou! All my pain vanished that very moment. Jedon brought happiness in everyone's life grandparents were so happy they were waiting for this day for so long to held him in arms! That tiny creature with twinkling eyes, lightened their hearts! And in a month my father in-law was diagnosed with Cancer stage-4 it was a shock for us! Suddenlybthings went upside down! All my happiness of going back to Thailand to my husband was now uncertain. My Brother in-law who lived with inlaws chose to work in other state for better opportunities inspite of knowing the conditions at home. Which lead my husband to resign from his job from abroad and come back to India to take care of parents in this tough situation. I supported him as we cannot leave parents alone, we will also grow old and our children will do the same when we would need them. I believe in thinking practically but more than carrier and living our life it was the time to support parents. And so that one year went so fast in raising Jedon it was because of him that my father In-laws fought the disease with determination seeing him grow for a year his smile, crawling and jiggles. As a mother I was having my own set of challenges staying awake whole night, feeding etc. In 3 months I was well adapted to it and as soon as he turned 1 year I applied for job. It was hardly 15 days of my joining that my father in-law passed away. And it again brought things to a stand still where it was our decision to go back to Thailand to the previous job or to stay here and support mother in-law. Both brothers never sat and discussed such issues wisely. And we stayed Jedon was 26 months old and I conceived another Baby and the very next day of the news I fell from the stairs. Doctor told to take bed rest for a month as complications may arise. I resigned from my job half heartedly as I wanted to work to be independent and support my husband in managing the expenses together. Staying at home for another 2 years and specially having a second baby when elder one is also young was a tough choice. I chose to stay at home and deliver second baby. My only concern was how will I manage 2 kids Jedon hasn't even started to speak . He would need my time and attention will it be a justice to him? How will a manage one toddler and one infant after 9 months? But We females are strong and become stinger after having a baby. I took that challenge to have 2 little monkeys in my life! And here comes the time when it is the test of all your promises to the elder one, the second child arrives..the cute little one another C-Section this time I was prepared for the pain and started walking on the 3rd day after coming back home routine work started of feeding changing nappies meanwhile also taking care of elder one which resulted in less sleep and rest altogether and I was in Postmortem Depression which was so difficult even for my Husband to understand. It took me 2 months to be back into my normal mode and accept the life as it is. All because of little angles in my life. With my younger kids now 4 months old I realise we should never wait for the perfect time or the right time! Such things never exists. NOW is the perfect time. Life is completeand fruitful only when it has challenges and situations in it. What you dream or you want to do just Do it Now. Time will pass so quick that you won't realise when you turn 50! And your kids will complete their studies and move on in life and what you will wait for is tha perfect time! Enjoy your life as it goes, with kids or without, relish each and every moment. That's what I have learn't I will work again once my kid turns 1 year old. I'm a Homemaker till then taking care of all the house hold chores and kids. How time gets consumed in all this I just don't know. Children are Blessing in the life of a couple. As an individual or couple we learn many things and grow strong emotionally. Our sacrifices are worth it. And get that unconditional love from them in return.

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