Girl Power

Category: Loving Mom

I witnessed two great events in my life…the birth of my daughters. A proud moment when I saw these bundle of joys. What a ecstatic feeling..I will protect you,create paths for you, be your provider and save you from all perils. But hey…wait! This is against my nature…I do not want to script my daughters lives.

I have guided them right from the time they have taken their first step ,the joy of carrying the school bag the first swimming lap, the hobbies they want to pursue, the subjects they want to choose and career decisions ..

I perceive  confident ,independent girls who take their own decisions , are aware of what lies ahead when they put their step forward but also know that they can always turn and look around , finding me whenever they want…a shoulder to rest ..arms to engulf with love and caress and a confidant share secrets…A good human being  who has compassion for others.

Yes Mothers are the guiding factor in decision making to change this generation.


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