How Manners And Etiquette Helps To Build Good Personality And Persona

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Someone rightly said that good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. In fact learning the right good manners from a proper class or an etiquette school will not just infuse confidence in you but it will also make you outshine others in terms of personality and presence. Let’s know more how you can learn manners easily and why it is vital in today’s society!

Where eye-contact is important, greeting others in the right manner is equally essential. Smiling takes the first place when we talk about mannerisms. If you have to impress someone, a smile can cost nothing but leave a lasting impression and impact on others. Always behave in the way you want others to behave with you. Being blunt, rude or using wrong language can always make the situation difficult for both the persons.

Good manners show your feelings and emotions for others. If you are sad any day or may be angry on a day, etiquettes say that you should never over react in such circumstances. Let your mood be okay then you can carry on interacting with others. Never respond to anyone when you are angry.


Joining a class to learn manners and etiquettes is a very good idea because this is a life time investment. You learn little things there and follow them throughout your life which can be followed by other around you too. It goes without mentioning that a person with great manners and etiquettes will always be more confident. The use of right words, language, posture, dress sense etc will definitely make him more positive. Try not to make fun of others, be gentle to them, and help others when they don’t even ask for it.  Taking up good manners early in life ensures your success in many phases of your life. Be it work, personal life, time with friends or any other moment, a well mannered person will always be welcomed by others with open arms.

Elders, take care of these things and shine

  • Be good with others

The most important thing is to smile on and respect others. Where ever you go never forget to show respect to towards the other person. Disrespecting anyone is a sign that shows your true mannerisms. Always help the elderly and be kind to them and others too. Being gentle with others will always leave a great and lasting optimistic impression on their minds about you.

  • Let the elderly and children  take seat first

If you are invited over a dinner/lunch at someone’s place, never be in a hurry to sit down and start eating first. Always let the elderly sit first and have their plates ready. Post this, see if the little ones have taken their seats or not? See if you can arrange a high chair for the little child so that the mother can relax and have her meal too. Such etiquettes will always be taught at the etiquette class or school but to follow it is totally up to you and you should maintain such manners throughout your life.

  • Introduce the elderly first

When it comes to introducing people, always introduce your grandparents first if they are present there. Then your dad, Mom and others turn by turn. Also, always remember to introduce a woman before a man. Show respect for the female.

  • Never do loose hand shakes

Handshakes tell a lot about a person’s personality. A loose handshake can leave a sad impression about you on the other person. See that you don’t have sweaty hands. Keep them dry enough to do a proper handshake. Take time to maintain a grip and greet the other person. If we talk about business, the hand is shaken twice otherwise in other situations it is generally three.

  • Never cough or sneeze on face

It is always advisable to sneeze on the sleeves of your shirt. Most people use their hands to cover the mouth while sneezing, which is incorrect. The germs transfer on to your hands and spread out when you do handshakes or even touch the handles in a bus or a train.

  • Sit in front for a conversation

Whenever going out, always make sure to sit across or in front of the person you are conversing with. Sitting just next of the person will not leave a great impression and may not be counted as good mannerism. Also, the chat becomes easier when you sit in front of the person rather than sitting next to him.

  • Go when you need to

Whenever you see a conversation going on the dinner table and you have the urge to go to the restroom, just go. Don’t wait for everyone to know and react. You can always say Excuse me for a moment and leave.

Kids, your turn to follow these

When we talk of kids, not just elderly but little ones also need to learn manners right from the start. Saying thank you, Sorry, Excuse me etc should be taught to the kids early in life. If required parents can search for a good manners and etiquette class around their home and enrol their kids there. These days’ lots of summer camps also teach mannerisms as a part of the summer camp course. Just like elders, it is equally important for kids to know about manners and the right usage of words. Good manners play a huge role in a child’s development.

Why are manners vital

If you respect others, it should show up! The kids should also have a responsibility to learn manners right from the start of their schooling age. Saying thank you or please should be taught to them. Such words surely make other people appreciate you and your humbleness. Good manners also show that a child obeys his parents, teachers. Such children make friends very easily. Most parents want their kids to hang around or play with such kids who are well mannered. So, join a nearby activity class now and learn proper etiquettes and manners and gain huge success at every step of your life.


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