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Since admission session is going to start super soon, the one big question that all parents of kids who are going to start school this year are how can they make their toddler feel comfortable at school and how can the child be adjusted at the playgroup without shedding tears. It is a new phase in the life of both the kid and the parent.


It is very important to keep a few things in mind which will help your little one in making a smooth transition. So here is a little list of things which you can do to make that first day and the rest of the days at school happy and joyful.


Before actually sending the kid to school, you have to prepare him. The best way is to pretend to play the whole thing. Act like a teacher, parent, and student all yourself. Involve the kid. Enact what all fun things you can do at school. This will create an interest in the mind of the kid. 


Also read books to him/her related to school, friends, teachers etc. Talk to him about how happy the kids in the book feel when they go to school. Tell him that he also will be able to make a lot of good friends.


Before your child actually starts going to school, take him with you for a tour of the new school. Make him familiar with the teachers, classes etc. Play with him for a little while at the school itself. This will ensure that when he finally goes to the school he is not new to the whole experience.


Take him to a shop and let him choose his own bag, Tiffin, pencil box and water bottle. This will create a new excitement in him about the whole school going thing.


On his first day to school, reach the school a little early. Some children get anxious about seeing too many people together all at once. When you reach early, there will be fewer kids at the school and the child will feel comfortable. 
Stay with him for a little while on the first day when he goes to school. Visit his classroom with him and meet few kids. When you see that your kid has settled down, then you can leave him alone. 


Don’t show nervousness or anxiety yourself. Children are fast to grasp. Also don’t be around the child for a long time once he is in school. Say a quick goodbye and assure him that he will be fine there.


Most importantly, do not run to the classroom if you hear your child cry. This way he will never learn to adjust without you and the whole process will take a lot longer to finish. Be assured that your child is safe and sound with his teachers and if there is something serious then they will definitely let you know. 

So, follow these things to make your child’s journey to a playschool a pleasant experience for both of you.


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