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We live in an era where almost everything has an online presence. Right from food to education, people have a plethora of options to choose from. So, why do we get confused so easily? We as parents are always on the look-out for what is the best available resource for our kids. We scourge through the internet but nothing useful seems to be available. There are a lot of reasons for this.



WHERE TO ENROLL – When we decide on what do we really want to learn, the next big question that comes up is where do we want to learn it? Learners and parents are totally clueless about where to start their search from. They have many options, but they do not know on what basis should they make their selection. They are confused and lost. This costs them their precious time and peace of mind.



HOW TO ENROLL – You will be surprised to know that there is still not a valid online system to let the learners know about the most recent rating of an institute or class or activity center. All the information is scattered and often not genuine. There is not a proper ecosystem built around this education system. And when someone tries to discontinue after getting enrolled due to his bad experience, the option is just not there. This further shatters the belief of the common man in the whole system.



WHAT TO ENROLL – This is a question which troubles everyone. Before deciding on what to enroll, we should always consider factors like the level of interest, employability, interesting or not etc. Also, with the mushrooming of institutes and classes, it becomes a herculean task to find credible educators. The trust factor is also quite low in most of the activity classes and institutes. And since there is no barrier to entry in this field, we cannot really determine who is to be trusted and who is to be rejected.



WHY ENROLL – This question is best answered by the learners themselves. The most important thing in learning any new skill or taking up a new course is that you should have a high degree of interest in it. Without having a considerable interest, you are most likely to get bored easily and give up midway. So, take up a skill for which you are really passionate about.


In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to have an edge over the others. We all are always on a lookout for the suitable type of classes, activities, workshops, seminars etc. for our children and ourselves. These classes can be in any field like languages, sports and adventure, fitness and health, driving, skill training, leadership, and personality development, art, craft and hobby, cooking, dance, music, acting etc.


We spend hours and hours searching for the right kind of classes and activities and still end up paying more than required. But with Book My activity App and website, you can search for suitable classes, activities, seminars, workshops, and events near you and also save your hard earned money. How? Read on to Know more:


What is “Book My Activity” – It was started with a mission to make a paradigm shift in the learning curve of children. It is a one-stop global “learning guide” solution. It helps individuals or groups to identify best matching educator for their learning needs. It helps you to book classes, seminars, activities, workshops, events etc. – online.


So, Bookmyactivity is your go-to app for all your learning needs. The app also gives you live and curated service providers with whom you can connect through the app and get real-time batches and event information.


There is also a forum for queries on the app because we believe in sharing is caring. On this forum, you can ask queries regarding learning and the expert panelists answer your queries according to their best knowledge. By subscribing to our newsletter, you can also get an update about your interest as per city and location for what you want to learn.


Download the Bookmyactivity app today, save time and money while learning what you love!!



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