ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE : Determining What’s Best For Your Child.

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I usually see this question being asked during this Mothers cluster. Let ME attempt to assess it and create it easier.
Firstly there's no easy answer to the present. there's no thumb rule too, that says one is healthier or worse as a result of quite honestly, it’s like examination apples to eggs, not even oranges. 
So let ME attempt to spell it out what every board can entail and the way it should or might not impact your selection of upper studies. 
It’s an awfully documented national board with rigorous info and examination normal. The info has each depth and breadth. Positives embrace easy to study for board examination as a result of the queries typically area unit from textbooks and fairly foreseeable and truth primarily based. If one studies the texts one will ace the examination. it's a high normal in each English and also the second language that could be a regional language. English skills required area unit of a high normal. The system remains just about identical through our the college life. Board exams area unit simple to crack if one sticks to the info and will a radical study of texts. At the and 2 levels you'll study five subjects when dropping the second language. The third language is mandatory until category eight. 
It is less rigorous than the ICSE info, conjointly a national Board. The advantage is that it's fully tuned to medical and engineering entrance examinations that the college course of study matches the doorway examinations. it's a high evaluation board typically,  and wide same to be easier than the ICSE board. CBSE could be a course of study primarily based study kind of like ICSE 
IGSCE: this is often a British board, developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The course of study has less breadth however way larger depth than the ICSE examinations. it's awfully rigorous info with heaps of stress on understanding the topics instead of memorization. the main focus is a lot of on analysis and application information} and knowledge and memorization technique doesn’t work all. The study of humanities would force writing elaborated answers that area unit 250-300 words. it's recognized 
By universities in each India and abroad. 
The demerit would be that it isn’t tuned to the Indian university admission system, wherever you'd be competitory With the upper marks achieved in ICSE or CBSE students. Students from associate IGSCE college can notice it troublesome to maneuver to associate ICSE board college if in the slightest degree they have to owe to the entire distinction in info and approach to studies. 
However, it's extremely revered internationally by most countries as a course of study of high normal.  
The IB certificate is wide recognized jointly of the foremost rigorous high school curriculums across the planet. The IB follows an awfully totally different approach to subjects, more inquiry {based|based mostly|primarily {based|based mostly|primarily {based|based mostly|primarily based}}} and learner-based and fewer concerning textbook based and examination based study particularly within the primary years. Students area unit inspired to travel into the depths of study and analysis extensively. It permits students to at the same time study each science and humanities subjects at the high school level resulting in a balanced education.
The IB encompasses a terribly totally different course of study in its Primary Years Program (PYP) that is grades 0-6 and MYP from grades 7-10. This feature is exclusive. 
Students taking IB area unit well equipped for instruction abroad. conjointly since their understanding of the subject has each breadth and depth there's no reason why they wouldn’t surpass on the Indian course of study. 
However, since the IB is an especially rigorous course of study, taking a less rigorous course of study could be a safer route for those following the Indian competitive test route. 
The transition between Indian Boards is fairly common and happens even when category ten. but the transition from International Boards to Indian Boards is a smaller amount common.

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