Impact Of International Education Curriculum

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“ The measure of intelligence,

is the ability to change”

                                 -Alberty Einstein

           Let's look back to our old generation schools, we had a monotonous way of teaching in which the teacher used to teach and we used to listen. As an impact today we only remember we used to go to school. We now do not remember any of the facts which we learned at that time. Awareness or understanding was not the part of life at all. Then what we learned?

          Well, we remember only those lessons in which we were actively involved. Maybe dance competition or location, in which we were more active and involved as compared to teachers.

           The best teacher is the one which inspires thinking and learning activities. Research has revealed that activities increase mind alertness and involve kids in the learning process. We learn more when we perform. Experimental learning is the best educational approach in which the students try to think and perform various activities.

            The sad part is, we really lack such kind of experimental study approach in our traditional systems. But, today the good thing is that such kind of new learning methods is being flourishing. Although it is a new attempt, surely it is the need of the day. To compete with the upcoming fast generation it is now necessary to develop our kids to face the changing world.

           It is observed and it is but natural that parents are firstly worried about the new international education system, As to whether the wards will cope up with the advanced learning and many other issues. But, the bottom fact is that, as the curriculum is changed in the same manner, efforts are also taken by these schools to teach in new ways.

          Few schools are really making good efforts to adapt the experimental and activity oriented teaching methods. They are also following the international teaching methods and courses to meet the vision needs. If kids are exposed in such good environment really the result would be bright future. The teacher and organization is the key when we expect to face with such international syllabus.

            While selecting the schools, parents should analyze methods of teaching. If it is activity oriented then it is the best-suited system for today/Surely, the schools which are taking such intensive steps to enhance and upgrade with the changing world can develop innovative thinkers and future entrepreneurs which is the need of our society today.

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