In Love With Motherhood

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Besides mother, everyone is other. I can justify this because only a mother can do anything to see a smile on child's face. No matter how stressful and exhausting her life is. After all the patience testing and headache giving, mother's life is WORTH it as she finds joy in the journey of motherhood. I am a first time blogger, the topic was so captivating that I could not stop myself from writing. My experience of motherhood is as unique as of every mother. Every child is unique so as the mother, her experiences and her parenting styles. I am sharing my journey of being a mom of 2 year toddler named JIMIT(means one who wins everybody's heart). I want to make his life special right from his name to his upbringing, I am very selective. I spent plenty of time with him. We enjoy going to park. I read stories for him.I am fond of buying picture books for him. He loves to go through them. We play with activity boxes I use to order. The latest thing he learnt is to shelf his toys and stack his books. All this favorite things are now my most favorite things to do I try and make every possible effort to strengthen the bond between Jimit and his father. My husband remains out of town for several days in a month because of his work commitments. When he comes, they both sit together with picture flash cards, watch baby TV(His favorite TV channel) together, cuddle each other, pillow fights, etc. He loves to take his pictures. He has taken n number of pictures including monthly pictures, his expressions, all his first moments. Everything he had captured has been scrapboooked by me to cherish. I had made 4 albums of my child till date. I love to add pictures to it. And decorate it with love. Every time, Jimit accomplishes his milestone before the standard time, I feel like I had won a medal. Although me makes my life upside down by his mischievous activities, still I feel on the top of this world. I would like to thank momspark for giving me opportunity to write something about my journey. I am delighted that I am a part of it. I would love to take part in upcoming activities.

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