Find Out How Sports Help In Growing Your Career!

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Children engage in sports to make a good time and feel the energies which they generally do not get with hours of education in classroom or their own study room. However, as they get into higher classes of academics, their sports time tend to decrease because the load of books increases. Most students generally choose academics over the sports because it is believed that giving too much time in sports could spoil the career prospects. Studies have proven otherwise! It has been precisely found that the students who played sports in their life score better in their careers. Various reasons have been put for this correlation and these include &n... View More

What Should Govern My Career Choice

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Educational pursuits have got highly diversified in the last few decades; courtesy to the growing variegation in the socio-economic spectrum that has adopted newer service and product niches; which require new specialists and professionals! The students entering their middle classes, therefore, feel the discrepancies while making the decision regarding their career choice; especially when they enter their middle school where the career differentiations begins to emerge. The experts assert that the broad and common dilemma that students face regarding their career choice is whether they should choose a stream that matches with their likes or t... View More

Watch Or Not To Watch

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Today children have a variety of programs to entertain them, from cartoons to educational ones, songs, movies, etc. But as a parent you need to put a tab on how much they watch and what they see. Screen time is not restricted just to the television, but with the introduction of mobile phones, tabs, laptops and computers, kids spend majority of their time in front of a screen. As a parent, you have a tough task ahead. Learn to limit and restrict screen time from the beginning, it becomes very difficult later on. Here are a few tips you can try:- Set a time for watching TV. Allow your child to choose the time slot, maybe after school or... View More

Being An Inspiration For Our Kids

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Kids worship their role models and one of the few people they always look up to for some kind of inspiration are their parents. While it's best that children decide what they want to be in life, the onus of inspiring them to achieve their goals and guiding them to be on the right path lies on the parents. Here are a few tips that moms and dads can observe to be an inspiration for their kids 1.Set A Positive Home Environment Kids love to imitate and if given an environment that showcases positivity, then the outcome is going to be positive too. Create an atmosphere of trust and understanding and give them space and free time. 2. Respect ... View More

Thank You Mom

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Thank You, Mom. I grew up on a staple diet Of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White & Sleeping Beauty Who waited patiently for their Prince Charming To rescue them and perform his noble duty As a child, I'd obsess Over these knights in shining armor And their damsels in distress. Only later did it dawn upon me That none of them had a mother Who would raise them strong and fierce And teach them not to bother About these little boys Swinging their big swords and even bigger egos, Who'd instead teach them to slay their own dragons And be their own heroes. To the Mom, who taught me to be a princess who can slay her own dragons, Thank You. ... View More