Personality Versus People – The Debate Continues! But Let’s Find The Substance Out Of It!

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There has been a lot of talk on personality and its development. Psychologists have written lengthy chronicles on the subject arguing various parameters like looks, accent and affinity towards sports or career and others as the determinants of personality that a person develops. Even the people in modern world are very conscious about it because it determines their overall persona and acceptability in society. Also that, everyone is curious to know the best tricks to adore an appealing personality! But what about the debate of personality versus people? This debate is more sort of puzzle that stuns the mind and what could be derived through i... View More

Career Management Struggles Require Dedicated Pursuits, Knowledge And Inspirations!

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The importance and pursuit for a career develops very early as the student reaches the upper middle academics. It is this stage from where the career differentiations begin to emerge; although for the sports persons, the deviations develop much early! Today, most students aspire to join the big banner companies in the corporate world and some prefer to get into the public-sector positions. While aspirations and pursuits rule the early part of life, career management is what emerges as a prominent dimension when the person already finds self in a job role. How a person manages his career while fulfilling all the requirements that keep emerging... View More

Find Out What Stream To Choose As A Career Option At Middle School!

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Students entering into the middle school feel the confusion as what career option to choose so as to emerge the victor. The confusion is not unfounded because there are multitudes of reasons that affect the thinking and decision making of the student’s mind. In most countries including India, the career options start to diversify after class 10th and the student who is still not very mature finds difficult to think rationally and arrive at an apt conclusion. Career counseling has therefore grown as a specialist service and students entering their middle classes seek the advice about the best choice. Some important determinants that shou... View More

The Mad Rush To Win The Rat Race

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As parents of young kids, we strive hard to provide them with everything. We don't wish to disappoint our kids. But is this the right approach? Most parents fulfill materialistic demands, leaving out emotional and spiritual ones. Parents rush to admit their kids in school at the tender age of 1+. With the current scenario of the schooling system, they open their doors for kids as young as 6 months. Many schools have a mother toddler program for kids this young, this is reasonable. But leaving your little one in the care of total strangers in the name of education is preposterous. This is the best time for you to bond with your child. Provide... View More