Connect Instead Of Correct

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THE JOURNEY OF PARENTING... Date 7th Oct '09 It's a Boyyy(Heard in OT)................Divine Thnx! Pleasant peaceful happiesstt day of my life.. Our Journey starts ..words are not enough to jot itt .. Shlok we named our li'l son. "As parents, it feels good when our kid NEED us. When they turn to us for guidance & àaffection, each & everything is sowed from day one.. Those are all good things. We do have to remind ourselves, however, our long-term parenting goal is to guide our kid from being totally independent Thinkers and Doers,more of Broader Vision in life . That’s no overnight task. ... View More

Skill Development – The Need Of It & And How To Create Resonance!

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‘Skill’ is the competence attribute possessed individually and it remains in high demand in industry and economy because it means ‘productivity’ that naturally funnels down as profit! The human resource that lacks skill is considered a passive segment and its earning capacity is always less comparatively! The concept of ‘skill development' therefore has been considered as very demanded if the progress is to be made (both individually and socially). While national skill development missions characterize every social - political landscape, the true and optimized results have been sort of elusive in most cases. ... View More

Digital Marketing Redefines The Competitiveness And Customer Engagement Dimensions

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Marketing emerged very early in social economy because through it, the vendors and manufacturers ensured their competitiveness in the market. This equation stands validated even today in ever robust forms and manifestations; such that the marketing gurus keep scouting for the new channels and mechanisms including digital marketing to do the canvassing and influence the target consumer groups that have become dynamic, intelligent and clever! These attributes of consumer keep the digital marketing experts awake at night while the companies do the vigil to safeguard their hard earned customer bases. The digital channels have caught the fancy of ... View More

Personality Versus People – The Debate Continues! But Let’s Find The Substance Out Of It!

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There has been a lot of talk on personality and its development. Psychologists have written lengthy chronicles on the subject arguing various parameters like looks, accent and affinity towards sports or career and others as the determinants of personality that a person develops. Even the people in modern world are very conscious about it because it determines their overall persona and acceptability in society. Also that, everyone is curious to know the best tricks to adore an appealing personality! But what about the debate of personality versus people? This debate is more sort of puzzle that stuns the mind and what could be derived through i... View More

Career Management Struggles Require Dedicated Pursuits, Knowledge And Inspirations!

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The importance and pursuit for a career develops very early as the student reaches the upper middle academics. It is this stage from where the career differentiations begin to emerge; although for the sports persons, the deviations develop much early! Today, most students aspire to join the big banner companies in the corporate world and some prefer to get into the public-sector positions. While aspirations and pursuits rule the early part of life, career management is what emerges as a prominent dimension when the person already finds self in a job role. How a person manages his career while fulfilling all the requirements that keep emerging... View More