12 Best Courses After 12th Commerce

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There were days when opting for commerce post 12th grade would only give you an option of doing B.com and M.com but now the students have varied choices from regular and professional courses. In India, many reputed colleges offer these courses. Now, parents are no more worried about their child’s future because opting commerce gives you a lot of options and streams to choose from. If you ask me what is the best course to do after finishing 12th class with commerce, I would definitely recommend you to go through the below list of top exciting career options and then make a decision. Read on! You need to firstly decide what interests you... View More

Kidpreneur Life - Making Young Entrepreneurs Shine

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These days we see a lot of children making videos on different topics and also doing wonderful reviews on various products like toys, games and books too. Now, video making on educational topics, podcasting and giving reviews is another hobby for kids. If your child has great communication skills and is confident enough to face the camera, he can do wonders in the field of online video reviews. However, right from step one till the last step, hand holding of the kids is very important. Every educational video must be made under parent’s supervision and guidance only. A perfect communication skills class nearby can also make him get bett... View More

Kidpreneurs - Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas!

Category: Parenting!

If you see a little child hosting a stage or Tv show, it will not be a shocker for many of us nowadays. Kids of this generation are prepared to learn every skill at a much faster pace. With easy access to numerous courses and the technology, kids are now preparing themselves to be Numero Uno in a lot of skills. Lots of Kidpreneur courses are now mushrooming in the markets which can really develop entrepreneurial skills in little kids. Ekta Sharma from Bookmyactivity tells you how to hone the hosting talent in your child and prepare him for the world of stage anchors. One child may wish to be a chef when he grows up while at the same time th... View More

What Are The Best E-commerce Platforms For Brand Awareness

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Growing faster via e-commerce platforms is the trend these days and also the way forward for many businesses. You may have a coaching class business, playschools or any other activity workshops and classes; the first thing that should come to your mind is taking your business to an e-commerce platform and growing your brand’s awareness and thereby increasing sales and PR too. Ekta Sharma from Bookmyactivity guides you on how you can grow your business in the right direction with e-commerce platforms. For the growth of any business, choosing the right platform is very important. Gone are the days when just a banner or a hoarding would d... View More

How Can I Be A Better DJ?

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DJ Aqeel, DJ Akbar Sami, Nikhil Chinappa, DJ Pearl, Suketu...All these names pop up on our minds when we hear some great party music anywhere. When these names kick-started their career as DJ, we are sure things would have been much different and tricky too. Now, a lot of DJ training classes and schools are ready to teach you the insights on how you too can become a DJ and stand out in the music and sound industry. Keep reading to know what all can be done to become a professional DJ and how well you can earn in this rocking career choice! So, firstly what is a DJ? A DJ is a Disk Jockey who plays revamped versions of an existing song or musi... View More