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The option of childcare centers/ preschools is a godsend to many nuclear families that now have both the father and the mother working at full-time jobs. Especially in cases where the family lives in a city (or country) away from their parents, this is one of the most economical and safe options.   Some of the advantages of childcare centers:   The child becomes independent faster. Seeing children of their own age talking, walking, playing, climbing, eating by themselves, etc. encourages them to imitate and try the same and helps the emotional and physical development of the child.   The child builds social skills bet... View More

Is Modern Technology Helping Students Be More Efficient Or Lazier?

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Technology has become an integral part of our life. In every field, the influence of technology has been seen. Now everyone is deeply influenced by technological developments. Technology has made our life easier and helped to achieve our goals and ambitions easily and quickly. When we are talking about the positivity of technology we must talk about the negativity of the technology. When we take the educational field. There is no doubt that technology has changed the concept of education. In the past, it was just related to the learning process and textbook oriented. But now in this modern technological era, the learning process is based on s... View More

Find Your Cherished Hobby Event And Book Your Seat Online!

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Psychologists have been pushing for the role of hobbies in the life of any individual; although most of us have to struggle to get time for our fancied tasks. A hobby by its generic definition means an orientation or engagement that is most cherished by any individual! Its direct impact is therefore very significant and moves past the physical to encompass the mind and mood of the person. Actually doing a task that is liked generates inspiration in the mind and hence one finds the motivation! No wonder, people keep searching for the activities and genres of their likes! Children, in particular, are enrolling for the hobby sessions and classes... View More

Why Do You Need Platform Like Book My Activity

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As a student or parent or learner if you want to learn something or join some class, workshop or learn some new skill or invest to spend your spare time, what you eventually do? *You ask friends and if it interests then you try to join the activity, only if the location, time, fees and other parameters suits you!  You search online and get few classes/activity listings and try to call them for information like time, fees and location! At the end things might not according to your expectations, you keep calling other classes and then you lose interest and never end up doing what you like or love to do! So the complete journey of enroll... View More


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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” (Robert Swan) Our health, well-being and eventual survival is strongly linked to the health of the ecosystem around us. From increased natural calamities like floods, storms and rising health issues from pollution, it should be obvious that each person’s contribution, even in small ways, can decrease our footprint on earth. It is equally important to educate the children about their responsibilities toward sustainability. Here are 8 fun activities to raise environmentally conscious children:   Start A Home Garden: We’ve all had... View More