Why Do You Need Platform Like Book My Activity

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As a student or parent or learner if you want to learn something or join some class, workshop or learn some new skill or invest to spend your spare time, what you eventually do? *You ask friends and if it interests then you try to join the activity, only if the location, time, fees and other parameters suits you!  You search online and get few classes/activity listings and try to call them for information like time, fees and location! At the end things might not according to your expectations, you keep calling other classes and then you lose interest and never end up doing what you like or love to do! So the complete journey of enroll... View More


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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” (Robert Swan) Our health, well-being and eventual survival is strongly linked to the health of the ecosystem around us. From increased natural calamities like floods, storms and rising health issues from pollution, it should be obvious that each person’s contribution, even in small ways, can decrease our footprint on earth. It is equally important to educate the children about their responsibilities toward sustainability. Here are 8 fun activities to raise environmentally conscious children:   Start A Home Garden: We’ve all had... View More

Why Productizing Your Service Is Important For To Scale And Grow Your Coaching Business?

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If you are a coaching institute owner, a service provider of events or the host of any workshop or Teacher trying to coach or teach to individuals in a group of 5-10 to 1,000-2,000 depending upon the format, popularity and how good you are at! If you are an individual who is going to deliver the talk, speech or teach a lesson your time currency is limited for a day and so your income level is limited unless you increase the price of your session or course, which goes other way many times if you increase your price too much! So how can you earn more or have a scalable business model when the time is the currency for your business! So here, t... View More


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Reading regularly is one of the best ways to instill good character traits in children. Short stories with simple morals at the end are effective for children of younger ages. But as they grow older, books with young children as protagonists become more interesting. They begin to identify with these protagonists who face similar challenges as them and unconsciously imbibe their qualities. Lessons that are conveyed more subtly through such stories tend to leave a deeper impact on children and help build their character. Here are a few such books: THE FARAWAY TREE SERIES by Enid Blyton (Ages 5 And up) Two young girls and a boy who moves ... View More

Painting And Hobby Classes In Pune

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ART ZONE HOBBY CLASSES – These classes conduct art and craft workshops for adults and kids over 7 years. They offer 58 different courses and hence offer a lot of choice to the students. They also conduct theme-based workshops during Diwali, Christmas and summer vacations. Artzone hobby classes also conduct professional training for those who want to run their own hobby center. Courses include Paper Quilling, Punchcraft (Basic & Adv.), Kusudama (Basic & Adv.), 3D Paper Tole • Paper Lace Craft, Paper Jewellery, Paper Lamps, Lanterns (Diwali Special), Spirelli String Art, Iris Folding, Origami&nbs... View More