Is Photography A Right Choice For Me?

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The answer to the above headline can very much be a big Yes! If you have a complete passion and dedication towards photography, choosing photography as a career can be very rewarding. There are numerous photography classes available across different cities pan-India that teaches you nuances of this profession. Before you take up photography as a hobby or career, we tell you the insights related to it and how you can choose the best photography workshop or class.

So, in case you are sure about joining a photography class and learning it completely, make sure you do not spend too much at the start. Buying the most expensive equipment in a hurry might not be of any use. Firstly, choose a photography class that offers you benefits like:

Easy Reach

Low fee structure

Equipment knowledge

Theory along with practical

Some startup projects

Freelance work guidance

Freelancing can be a great option for photographers. If you are learning the skills of photography from any school or nearby class in your town, you can still consider doing freelancing. Taking up small freelance projects will not only let you make some money but will also sharpen your skills.

Handy tips for freelance photographers

Keep your camera with you all the time. You never know when a great work opportunity pops up!

It is always better if you carry a tripod too.

Always know what you want to capture.

Do not ignore regular objects for photography. The shot can come out to be brilliant even with the simplest of things.

Keep making notes as you learn.

Once you are set with the process, take a helping hand, intern, someone who wants to learn with you on a short photography project. This way you prepare a pipeline of trained people under you.

Always check the instructors work

Before joining any photography class, make sure you check the work of the person teaching you. It may be possible that the instructor has not much to show you as a part of his published work but you can always request for his file of work to have a look. This way you will be better informed about his choice of photography and style. I am sure the instructor will be more than happy to show you his masterpieces as well!

Speaking with Ex- students

If you are joining a photography class that is new in the area or your town, nothing much can be done except visiting them once or twice. But if you are joining any class that is reputed and has been in the city for a while now, go and talk to its previous students. This will help you get a lot of insights into their style of teaching. The students can also tell you about any on-going local photography workshops or photography classes. The best part is that you will make new friends too!

Check the course offered

Once you are fully satisfied with the class that you are going to join, go and check their syllabus or course. One way is to visit their website but the better approach will be to visit them and ask as many questions as you can. Most photography schools offer complete Beginner, Intermediate and advanced courses but there are certain classes who teach you only the highly developed skills and techniques of photography. You can decide and choose accordingly. There can be times when you are confused between choosing the levels. If you are just starting to know photography and are still learning to handle the lens, it is advisable to start with a very basic photography course and not hush up with things. Learning any skill step by step not just provides you with complete knowledge but also enhances your chances of getting better projects.

Jump off to specialized courses

If you are amongst those who are already very friendly with a camera and can click shots fairly well, you can go and choose a specialized photography course for yourself. These courses are short and can be very needed specific. Suppose, you wish to be a nature photographer, you can join a nature photography workshop or class and learn the minute of details on the subject. In the due course of time, you will learn the best way to shoot an object or scene. Wedding photography is very popular these days and such specialized photographers earn handsomely well too. But here, you only have one moment to capture it well, so proper skills and training play a vital role. A specialized photography course or class will teach you how to work with couples, how to choose right angles, what a complete shot means, how to use different lenses and most importantly, how to capture even the dull moments and make them look just right. If you wish to do something different like model shoots or nature photography or maybe children’s photography, then you can easily find a perfect class in your town via Bookmyactivity. Joining any outdoor photography class will teach you the skills related to wtonatural lighting, focus and a lot more. One more exciting thing to try in photography is Black and white photography. These courses will take you back to basics and teach you lighting, shadow, proportions, use of white and black combination etc.

Remember, there’s no substitute for practice

Just like any other skill or hobby, even photography can be done in the best way with practice. After all the classroom study and essential photography workshops, all you need to do is go out on the battleground and shoot, shoot, shoot! This is the best your lenses can do to see you as an improved photographer each day. It can be a very slow process but once you start getting small photography projects you will also start enjoying it. The only thing to remember is: Do not get disheartened at your bad photos. Instead, try using different angles and make the same snap look better. Do not give up. Try taking at least one great picture every day and keep excelling at this awe-inspiring talent called photography.

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