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These days we see a lot of children making videos on different topics and also doing wonderful reviews on various products like toys, games and books too. Now, video making on educational topics, podcasting and giving reviews is another hobby for kids. If your child has great communication skills and is confident enough to face the camera, he can do wonders in the field of online video reviews. However, right from step one till the last step, hand holding of the kids is very important. Every educational video must be made under parent’s supervision and guidance only. A perfect communication skills class nearby can also make him get better with language skills. When the child grows up, he will certainly be able to decide what career best suits him as per his skills and abilities but for now, you can prepare and cheer him up for what he enjoys doing!

Making small videos at home

Teach your child to start from home. You can explain him the process and slowly he can pick up the pace. Take it up as a way of educating the child on different knowledgeable topics and issues. For instance, if a child is fond of gardening, he can start making videos on different kinds of plants and flowers as per different seasons. For this you don’t need to go out too. Start from your very own backyard garden and make videos on different flowers, their types, seasonal availability and medicinal uses too. The child will not just learn to the face the camera but also learn new words on a daily basis as an enhancement in his vocabulary too. Make sure nothing distracts him from his regular studies. You can take up video making during extra time but never during school hours or right after the school, when your child is usually tired. Try making one on the weekend!

Picking the right class

Incase you think your child needs a communications or language class; you can find one such class in the neighbouring area and get him enrolled. You can either do the videos in one language or a mix of two languages too. It totally depends upon you. However, doing it in one single language will require a better lingo and overall skill. The right class can be the one that focuses on your child’s overall development and not just teach him the words that are required in the process of video making.

Use every channel wisely

Extra care is required when kids are involved in any work and so is the case here. Many kids these days have their own YouTube channels which can be a lot of fun but it is essential for parents to use guidelines to keep them safe online. Parents must keep a watch on the child’s activity and online steps. There are age restrictions and strict rules on every website and they should be followed by the children and their parents dutifully.  Being safe in every aspect should be the priority. Check the rule list before making or putting up any videos prepared by your child under your supervision. Recheck and recheck is the essence. Ryan, the 8-year-old host of Ryan ToysReview, a popular toy-review channel on YouTube was also on Forbes’ annual list of YouTube stars who are making the most money. A family-run YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview generated millions of dollars. Even Ryan could do it with his parent’s complete support and guidance. So, hand holding of the child is very important.

Different topics can be picked up

Giving something back to the community is also very important and it should be taught well to the kids. With some beautiful educational videos and knowledgeable reviews kids also develop an understanding of different topics. The whole family can be a part of a beautiful video making or a small toy or book review. The kids not just enjoy it but learn to have fun with family too.

Below are some lovely topics on which videos may be made by a child under his parent’s supervision and guidance:

Small trip to the garden


How to stop littering the place

Doing different stuff with waste toys

Helping others

Tree plantation

Toys reviews

Educational books reviews

Different shape creations with alphabets

Showing how reading is a lot of fun

Handmade gift items

Feeding little birds

How to keep the house clean

Writing a perfect letter

Playing board games with family

Recycling and its importance

Donations in different ways

Helping the elderly

Assisting mother in household chores

Different job roles like postman, helper, pilot etc

Adopting an animal

How to say hi, hello and other manners

Different colours and objects with it

Car washing

Garden cleaning

Making nutritious lunch boxes for school

How to greet the teachers at school

How to enjoy reading a book

Making book and gift covers

There can be a million other ideas on which videos can be made but they should make others gain knowledge from it and not disrespect anyone’s values and thoughts. Your child can be successful at anything. All he needs is your guidance, support and time! Be the best guide for your child and make him choose a career that he enjoys doing most. When it comes to child safety, most channels have a zero tolerance policy. So, make sure you read all the rules and regulations before making any video with your child. Always be safe when making any video with your child and uploading it. Go through the posting guidelines on any channel that you wish to post your videos on. Make the experience enjoyable for yourself and your kid too.   

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