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If you see a little child hosting a stage or Tv show, it will not be a shocker for many of us nowadays. Kids of this generation are prepared to learn every skill at a much faster pace. With easy access to numerous courses and the technology, kids are now preparing themselves to be Numero Uno in a lot of skills. Lots of Kidpreneur courses are now mushrooming in the markets which can really develop entrepreneurial skills in little kids. Ekta Sharma from Bookmyactivity tells you how to hone the hosting talent in your child and prepare him for the world of stage anchors.

One child may wish to be a chef when he grows up while at the same time the other can aspire to be a stage host too. Every child is different and so are their virtues. If your child shows a love for the mike, often talks, mimics and does similar things, he can be sent to a nearby kidpreneur class to polish his skill. Such classes not just prepare the child for the stage presence but also develop natural artistic liveliness in them. The child also builds up a lot of confidence.

What happens in the class

Generally, such courses are a part of public speaking, storytelling and drama classes.  The child will learn performance basics right from day one. The courses can be short term or long term. You will have to decide what suits best for your child. One thing to keep in mind is that such classes should never affect the regular studies of your child. Either such workshops can be attended after school (If time allows) or only on weekends. Before finally picking it as a career choice for your child, see if they are really comfortable in it after attending a professional workshop nearby.


A Child can learn to face the stage and audience

Correctly holding and handling the mike. It can involve the distance between mouth and mike, vocal quality check etc.

Confidence building

Overcome stage fear

Language knack

Handling a large crowd/audience

Tips to take it up professionally afterward

Influencing the crowd

Learn to write too

With such courses, a child not just learns to talk on the stage but in some time he can also be a better writer. In the starting phase, a child may require some inputs and script support from elderly experts but as they keep learning, they also start to write their own scripts. Writing own scripts for stage shows can also give them a strong hold over the language. This way, they tend to fumble less and look more positive on stage.

General Training Methodology

Demonstrations on microphone  

Step by step teachings

The short duration of classes

Enjoyable assignments for homework

Overall involvement of kids

When your child joins any such workshop that teaches anchoring for stage or tv, make sure they teach everything practically. Here, in such courses, the theory is important but not as much as a practical lesson. See if they are involving your child completely or not.

Telling a child to stand in front of the class or on the stage for the first time and speak whatever he wishes to. Thinking of any situation and asking them to just speak on the mike. Topics can be given like first time riding a cycle or recent picnic to an exciting place etc.

If a child starts to feel nervous, such courses or classes encourage them to just keep up the good work and don’t stop. A good loud clapping from the peer group can also push them to try harder.

If a child is still unable to decide upon any topic, ask him to close his eyes and you can start speaking and ask him to imagine and add lines in between. The kid will automatically feel positive and start speaking.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat is the essence. If a child does a mistake, correct him and he can be asked to do it correctly again and again till he gets comfortable doing it.

Teach them to smile. On stage, a smile can be a very important thing. Even a dull script can be made interesting with funny takes in between and a smile on the face. A smiling child on the face can win anyone’s heart. Make sure the class that you choose pays attention to all such details.

Explain to your child that it is perfectly ok to make mistakes on stage and instead of getting scared they should learn to handle it well. Come up with an example here like if you forget a line from the script, don’t worry and quickly jump up to the next happening to be done on the stage. A joke in between can also make the audience forget everything and just enjoy the show.

This may not come to everyone’s mind but it is one of the most important things to be done before getting on to the stage. Eat well! A professional class will always teach its children to eat well before hitting the stage. With empty stomach kids feel distracted and nervous too. The focus must only be on the script and engaging the audience well.

So, if you think your child is already a whiz kid at stage hosting, holding the mike and entertaining the masses with his skills, it’s time to enrol him into a perfect kidpreneur course that will not just prepare him for the stage but also build a lot of confidence and let him choose his potential profession wisely.

About the Author:

Ekta Sharma is a seasoned Media professional from India. A Radio Artist, Writer, Singer, Journalist. All rolled into one! She loves Pani Puri, long drives, and Ghazals. She is here to write on some really interesting topics starting from entrepreneurship to photography to beauty, cooking, Music and much more.

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