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Hello to all participants mom's. I am very glad to share my experience with Book My Activity who have given me a chance to write a blog on "A Unique Experience Of Motherhood". This is my first blog and experience on motherhood.
       one of the happiest moment of our life when me and my husband got to know that we are going to have a baby. Me and my husband was very happy but somewhere inside my heart I was very afraid that how 9 months will pass, whether 9 months will go properly or not or there will be some problem. How I will deliver baby is it going to be C-section or Normal delivery? I will be able to handle my baby or not?  whether I will become a good mother or not? All this question arised in my mind but all went very smoothly and blessed with baby boy by normal delivery. This all happened just because of my husband and family. I will give all my credit to my husband and family members that they helped me in each and every situation. Today, I am writing this blog just because of my husband inspiration and also I will thanks to "Book My Activity" for providing such a platform.
    I am starting with my Motherhood experience. Everyone says to become a mother is not easy but it is not difficult also.I have heard from many mothers that my child doesn't sleep/eat/study properly, whole day watching TV or playing, etc. I am a mother of just 4 and half month baby. My experience says that to become a mother is not difficult because it's depends on mother how she handle a child. I have also listened from many mother's that once you have a child then you can't enjoy your life, but I will say it is wrong. Once the baby arrive your actual joyful journey starts, but for that we should we calm with our child. We should deal with them patiently. Even I was also afraid when my child came to this world that he will sleep peacefully at night or not, he will be comfortable in the new world or not, etc. I got many questions in my mind all that were negative questions like he will get my enough Milk or he will adjust with everyone or not but after that I thought I should be positive then everything will be going right way only. What you think that will be happening with you. so be dammn positive. Today, I am happy to being a mum and also I am enjoying each and every moment with my child. I believe that there should be bond  between mom and child. If your bond is stronger than your relation will be more stronger and it will help to enjoy motherhood as well. After becoming a mom, we get a new life and experience. I believe, to become a mom is a precious gift from God. After having a child I had many precious moment like to hold  first time in my arms, search for mom while sleeping. Another moment when we call his name he responds quickly and try to search that from where the voice is coming. The precious moment when he recognise his father. Especially when his father come with cleaned shaved. Another moment, when he tries to give kisses and hug, that moment is awesome. I have written one song for my son. I would like to share with everyone this song. I have written in my mother language but here I am translating in Hindi.
    Moksh hai tu mera salona hai tu...mummy Papa ka raajdulaara hai tu...khelta hai tu dada dadi ka pyara hai tu...hasta hai tu Nana Nani ka Laadla hai tu...Masti karta hai tu Masi/Bua ka Natkhat hai tu... Dramebaaz hai tu behen ka dost hai tu...Moksh hai tu sabka Sitara hai tu...
      One important thing I want to share with all mums and even I am experiencing that there are some persons that will come across you and they will try to compare your child with others, like they will say your baby is too fat or thin, he or she is not yet sitting my baby was started to sit from 4th or 5th month. Even someone will say your baby is putting his or her hand in the mouth don't put that habit otherwise it will be very tough to remove and many more, also they will tell you don't give your baby this or that food but I will suggest each and every mom that never loose your faith from yourself or from your child because in the end you have to live with your child and never compare your baby with other babies. Every child is unique and they have their own capability. They will prove it when the right time will arrive. So, all the best to all moms and enjoy your unique experience of motherhood.
    Since now I am completing this blog on unique experience of Motherhood but I will say each and every mom has their personal experience on motherhood.In the end, I will say Motherhood is not a tough job if you are mentally well prepared for each and every good or bad moment you are going to experience. I am very happy to share my experience with "Book My Activity."
       Thank you so much "Book My Activity" you are providing such a platform no more words to say.

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