Make June Month More Fun With These Activities

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June is the favourite month to learn and do lots of activities and classes. With increasing heatwaves across the country, you might also choose to learn some water sports this June but the list is long when it comes to choosing that perfect June month activity. Make sure the activity class that you choose develops your personality and teaches you the skill inside out. Out of the hundreds of choices available, you can opt to learn what suits your personality. Go through this interesting read and decide on what you want to discover this summer!

Hit the waters:

Swimming can be the best exercise for any age. Swimming during June not just refreshes you completely but kids also gain confidence with this activity. Once you start learning to swim, you will also learn about water safety in and around water. Not just for exercising but swimming can also prove to be a great stress reliever. Enquire about some classes nearby. Many classes also teach toddlers and juniors too. Such programs are also available where mother can accompany a child in the pool and learn swimming herself. The National Institute of Water Tourism can be the best choice for those who are visiting Goa. The National Institute of Watersports (NIWS) has been setup by the Ministry of Tourism as an ‘apex’ body for training, education, consultancy and research to usher in an era of leisure-water sporting segment in the country. As per its website, It is the first Institute of this nature in the South East Asia covering the entire range of water sport disciplines such as life saving, boat handling, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, river rafting and kayaking. Since inception, 20 courses have been developed for water sport professionals, managers and the tourists, particularly those visiting Goa.

Fun on the roll:

With the growing popularity of the indoor skating areas, skating classes can also be joined in June. Skating not only keeps you physically fit but also gives you a better heart health. Skating is an excellent sport that can become a part of your routine fitness schedule. You can also join skating classes if you want to burn those extra calories faster. Skating burns calories very fast. Skating also builds stamina. Once you are into a skating class, you forget about everything and just focus on the rolling wheels and balancing which particularly reduces stress levels. When you start to do it better and better, it increases happiness too. You can always check upon a class nearby to join this activity and take lots of health benefits this June. Summer camps: This could be the top choice of many parents for their kids during the June month. Joining a summer camp may not make you physically fitter and socially active with lots of new friends but also make you try lots of new activities. It can be arts, sports, craft or anything else, summer camp has lots to offer always. You can go for swimming, Challenging activities like archery, rope climbing etc.


June can also be the month to learn karate. Karate originated in the Japanese island of Okinawa and is now one of the most widely practised martial art forms in the world. It is not just a perfect exercise but also training for self-defence. A regular Karate class will make you more active and alert. It is suitable for all age groups throughout the year. So, instead of spending all your summer vacations in front the television, search for a karate class near by and join it. Whenever you think of joining a karate class, always check on the mentor. What methods are used to teach karate etc. You will not just learn self-discipline but also a new art form. Karate requires a lot of patience too and also boosts confidence in children. Be it any sport, it will definitely bring out something good in you. So, is karate that also builds social skills in children who are usually shy and not keen on interacting with anyone around. When kids are awarded with different coloured belts, they feel encouraged and show deep interest in this form of sport. Always choose the right class before enrolling in.

Cricket academy:

Cricket may the favourite sport for many during the summer vacations. Getting up early in the morning and being soaked up in the sun till afternoon while playing cricket is the choice of many during June month. Joining a cricket academy can also be a right choice to make in June. Nowadays, lots of cricket academies have indoor practice areas that are quite comfortable for those hot and extremely sunny days. Cricket is a sport that builds up your stamina and teaches you to play with true team spirit. Not just balance and coordination but a lot of physical fitness is also required for this sport. During these vacations you may want to join that perfect cricket academy. Make sure you join the right class that teaches you team skills, social interaction and also respect for the sport. There will be many cricket classes around you but choosing the best should be your aim because you just don’t want to keep fit but also want to have fun too. Check if the academy runs only on weekends or they teach on weekdays too? What will be the fees and equipment cost. Is there any facility that they are going to provide after taking the club membership? Always seek professional advice before spending too much in any academy or class.

So, be it any activity in June that you choose to learn, it should make you a better human being. Summer time is the best and is a great opportunity to indulge in fun activities, go on adventures, say hi to new friends and put our brains and energy into lot of new things. So, keep your textbooks aside and hunt for that perfect activity class now to make the best of June month this time.

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