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How you changed my life.... Enjoyed being a girl with lots of dreams,suddenly steped into being a wife. Bestoved all love and care towards my new family recieved you as a return gift. An adorable gift who I loved more than my life. You were the bond that helped me regain my relations ;that were falling apart. 9 months in womb,you were the closest to my heart.the day arrived your sparkling eyes always kept looking for me and so did mine.My day started and ends with you.You were the world to me.That was the moment I realized I need to give time to my relations too,was completely evevolved in your upbringing and had neglected them.But soon all was well cause you were around.Learnt to be myself with you,approached and fulfilled my dreams with you. Yes motherhood is not the end of life ,it's a beginning to a new beautiful .

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