Getting Kid Ready For Story Telling Competition

Category: Entreprenur Mom

My son is hyper active baby he understands things and situation as he is just 4.5 years so to channelize his energy in right direction I took an interesting method to memorize story for his storytelling competition, we made puppet of the characters in the story. Talk with it and slowly make him ready for the competition. Daily we memorize only two lines of the story and make vedio of it in mobile . So he himself understands what needs to be corrected next time with the puppet in the hand. Till the day of competition we are all set for a confident performance with expression ,action,pause smile and no stage fear. It just my way of making ... View More

My Story From A Women To A Mother

Category: Mom to be

Hi iam suchita Malaviya haveing 2 beautiful daughters elder one is devashree and younger one is haiymee both are near to my heart..I got married in the age of 30 and had lots of complications in my pregnancy doctor said it may be that we can only save one life but with Grace of God I had a normal delivery and we both were safe when I saw my baby I was so happy to see my first love in my arm she just look at me and that moment I can never forget we both were alive and it was a time to enjoy my motherhood I know I tried to Capture her each and every moment when she smile I used to get excited when she cried I get tensed how to make her quiet ... View More

My Daughter !My Life!

Category: Friendly Mom

Hi this s Deepthi basanth my daughter is my life! In girls life marriage s a big deal ,after marriage have to learn,think for others,have to control emotions...mainly have to change a lot and adjust for new home .I conceive d after 3years of my marriage as v wer planning I day I got to know iam becoming mother ...tat day was my best day of my life my dreams,my excitement become more during my pregnancy time I was as normal as I was before making work done ,eating,resting my last tremister I enjoyed my baby movements kicking ,sounds I was waiting to have my baby n my arms finally my Princess brahmi came to earth ...she was so cute whe... View More

Moms To Super Moms

Category: Loving Mom

MOMS TO SUPER MOMS It's been a year getting married and I gave birth to a beautiful daughter who is 5 months old now. Right from the moment I was conceived.. I expected a natural birth like any girl would. All the pros and cons of natural birth and birth via C section, filled up my mind. Parents, family, friends, strangers ..every single people gave their bit of advices, stories, good and the bad. Ante-natal classes, exercise programs, walking, possible household chores, pregnancy tips from books, net, traditional norms, what-not??? Me, filled with confidence, that I would have a normal delivery, tried every single thing of it, putting my ... View More