Parenting With No Regrets....

Category: Loving Mom

I am a mother of two lovely daughters Zoey, aged 3 years and Elina, aged 1 year. The journey in the past 3 years have been no less than a roller coaster ride. Having two c-section deliveries and a bed rest of only 20 days at both times, it wasn't a cake walk. I had joined a baby group at the time Zoey was born. I was sometimes jealous seeing the other mothers enjoy the pampering or help with kids and other stuff. But then I also saw these mothers struggling to raise their kids the way they wanted to. Among all the chaos, tiring days and nights together, I had that inner satisfaction of raising my daughter the way I always wanted her ... View More

Wonderful Achievement

Category: Working Mom

Bieng a mother is like a wonderful achiement, it is like learning every day a new experience,a new feeling. Bieng working and still bieng a part of your childs every activity is at times difficult but it is again a great feeling where sometimes your children teach you support you and you cherish their existence in your life forgetting every agony that you have gone through in the process of giving them life.... View More

Motherhood : An Enchanting Tale

Category: Caring mom

From the pain of having the child to pain of child leaving her, a mother's life is filled with happiness , pain, pleasure, ecstacy , sorrow and selflessness. A few mothers give up on their dreams just to start a family believing that they are supposed to abandon one fir the other while a few live up to their dreams avoiding what society, those meaningless whisperers think of them. The journey of motherhood begins from the very moment of making love with a man which indeed gives both pleasure and pain. The decision to become a mother is a big decision as to give a life is considered as a blessing and as a curse in today's world. The pain which... View More

Feeding Struggles

Category: Homemaker

Hie everyone! Today I wish to share a unique yet the hardest struggle I had to face in raising my little daughter, but first let me tell you a little about myself. Hello! Myself Pooja Jain and I am a stay at home mom of a little munchkin, whom we can call baby V. When I first got to know that I am pregnant till the time I delivered my baby girl I was always full of worries ….always thinking about how I will be able to care for my kid but never in my wildest dreams I never thought that I’ll have to struggle in feeding my kid….i always imagined it to be the most natural and easy part of motherhood. But boy was I wrong, I ... View More

Mother's Love

Category: Homemaker

Hi, I am mother of two. Both are beautiful girls. Being a mother is such a wonderful experience. I remember it was 3August, 2014 when i come to know that i am pregnant. My husband started dancing with me. Both of we were really happy. After 6moths of pregnancy we went for coloured ultrasound. I cried a lot when doctor said you baby has cyst in brain and this baby could be a abnormal child. Both of we were worried bcoz it was my first child. Doctor said you have chance of miscarriage as well. I started cry. After 10-15 days i thought if i cry it could be give bad effect to my child too. I should be stranger and positive. I started yoga and... View More