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I've recently started writing on motherhood as I'm today a mother to a 2.5month old girl. The blog posts are all my experiences and the recent ones are on being a mother. I write on anything and everything I come across. All posts are real-life experiences.

Preparing My 4 Year Old For The New Arrival

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She was my best company throughout my nine months of pregnancy..She used to keep me occupied all the time ,she was the one who spoke constantly with the baby growing inside my womb..yes my 4year old daughter was my best companion while i was expecting her sibling. Our parents or grandparents always say that your elder child will always throw tantrums or will start feeling insecure while you are expecting your second baby.But for me it wasn't really that difficult . Yes there were times when she wasnt quiet,,she needed for everything ,but this is what is expected from a 4year old kid when she gets to learn that she has to share her parnets ... View More

The Battle Of A Lunch Box.

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The Battle of a lunch box. Being Mother ! Dhriti Mishra “Mother is a sun. Mother is an Ocean.  Mother is a spring breeze.  Mother is a sunflower.” These words are guidance of my mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda and his wife Ms. Kaneko Ikeda in their book “Happiness begins at Home”, based on modern day parenting. A mother is a sunshine that spreads her light across the home and brings a smile on the faces of all, especially children. A mother is an epitome of boundless love and compassion. Children reside in the heart of a mother. A mother holds up the virtues of empathy and patience while children mischievous l... View More

Unique Experience Of Motherhood

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#Mom#maa#amma#mumma#mom#mummy#ammi#mai........isn't this really,really wondering?? Crossing the boundaries of race,caste,creed,religion,countries and even the civilisation ,all the synonyms for "Mother" in this universe,incorporate an element of letter "M" in them! And yes,this relationship of "a mother and child" ,is definitely one of the most "Unique" kinds,with all the emotions packed together in this purest and a single relationship.The pain,the joy,the rejoice,the sorrow,the grief,the frustration,the joy of belonging and possessiveness and the fear of loosing... all packed together beautifully in one of the purest relationship in the un... View More

Loving & Caring Mom Of Loving Child

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Hello to all participants mom's. I am very glad to share my experience with Book My Activity who have given me a chance to write a blog on "A Unique Experience Of Motherhood". This is my first blog and experience on motherhood.        one of the happiest moment of our life when me and my husband got to know that we are going to have a baby. Me and my husband was very happy but somewhere inside my heart I was very afraid that how 9 months will pass, whether 9 months will go properly or not or there will be some problem. How I will deliver baby is it going to be C-section or Normal delivery? I will be able to ... View More