Mother-The Marathoner

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The dictionary defines a marathoner as someone who participates in long-distance races. However long the distance may be, still a marathon comes to end, but the life of a mother-a marathoner in true sense,never comes to an end. She gets up early in the morning, does the household chores, looks after her children, cooks good food and the list continues till she goes off to bed tired and worn out. My daughter came into my life after a brief period of Struggle for getting pregnant. I use the word struggle because the minute I was diagnosed with PCOD(polycystic ovarian disorder), I knew that the road ahead is not going to be smooth. Finally she arrived in this world & made me fall in love with this life. I feel complete now and could not have asked for more. As the days passed by, I came to this realisation that motherhood is no bed of roses. I was supposed to be on my toes every time she needed it. I had literally started to sleep like a dog who used to get up at the slightest of coo made by its little one. That was the time when I seriously began to think about all those sacrifices and price that my mother paid to get us reach where we were & this made my heart sink with respect & affection for my mother. Now that she is one, I think we have come a long way. I had my own ups & downs after becoming a mother. I had a lot of aspirations which I think have taken a back seat now as she is on top of my priority list. I am not saying that children are a hindrance in realising your dreams, in fact they give you a very strong reason to long for them all the more badly. I see myself in my daughter now. She has become the source of my strength . Her giggles make my house echo with positivity. Sometimes I do feel exerted and weary but I strongly feel that my labour shall not go in vain. This is my marathon & I am ready to take that extra mile to create a healthy environment for my girl where she can think of spreading her wings as far as she can and do whatever she wants. The whole journey this far has made one thing clear to me that whatever my daughter becomes it will be an outcome of what she sees me doing and happening around her. She will only replicate those values be it good or bad. I truly believe that kids are a reflection of their parents and therefore whatever they see, it innately gets imbibed in their respective personalities. This very thought makes me feel the pressure of my responsibilities as a parent. I feel a woman evolves day by day & year by year after becoming a mother. I have felt the same by each passing day of my motherhood. I have found myself on the skids many a time where continuing with the journey seemed a Herculean task but then seeing my little one’s face always helped me get a breakthrough. There are times when you get agitated at your kids & then there are times when you go into that”self-assessment “ or “introspection” zone where you actually decide whether you’re on the right track as a mom or not. Woman are the pillars of any society and are regarded as the torch bearers of a family. This is my only wish for my daughter that she inculcates in her,the attributes of a good human being and that she becomes an epitome of what people consider a true woman. Since she is born with “XX” in her genetic makeup, I know that one day she will also be a part of a marathon which I am preparing her for. I wish that she runs it like a pro and finishes it with flying colours .

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