Motherhood : An Enchanting Tale

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From the pain of having the child to pain of child leaving her, a mother's life is filled with happiness , pain, pleasure, ecstacy , sorrow and selflessness. A few mothers give up on their dreams just to start a family believing that they are supposed to abandon one fir the other while a few live up to their dreams avoiding what society, those meaningless whisperers think of them. The journey of motherhood begins from the very moment of making love with a man which indeed gives both pleasure and pain. The decision to become a mother is a big decision as to give a life is considered as a blessing and as a curse in today's world. The pain which a mother feels during the nine months of her pregnancy, is something that can't be imagined by everyone except for those who have already been through this phase. There are times when the journey of mother or motherhood ends during the birth of the child due to some complications. The pain she feels while giving birth to the new born is something which is hard to imagine but is also something which as beautiful as rainbows and unicorns. The relief and happiness, a mother's face reflects when she sees her child for the first time is the most valuable thing. Mothers were called housewife earlier but now they are called house makers as they mold their family into a good one. They mold the future of their children with goodness and love. She is there through every rotten middle school year. She put up with her child's unpredictable, incomprehensible mood swings, and counters hem with nothing but love and kindness. She forgives every bratty comment, every slammed door, and every unnecessary eye roll. She becomes her child's best friend through his/her first heartbreak; she becomes the most comforting shoulder to cry on. A mother helps her child to find grace and strength even in their worst memories. But why isn't she treated the same way ? Why don't we bother to call her when she has a very bad day or what so ever the reason is ? Why should there be a reason to call her ? Are we that selfish cause a mother is not, she is just selfless. Wasn't she your role model ? Wasn't she the person you admired when you were little but now you find excuses to avoid a conversation with her. A mother, sees the best in every single person she meets. She loves her family wholeheartedly, and she'd do anything for each and every one of them. She finds joy in the smallest things in life: a cat’s paws, a bird’s nest, a small blooming flower, a long run, or a day out in the garden. The small things she consider daily blessings are beautiful and they, too, help her children recognize the joy this world radiates. But we refuse to see that too. A mother becomes lonely when her child gets a job or gets married. The child becomes busy with his/her life and moves on leaving the mother on the very path of loneliness. We refuse to take care of her in her bad days and forget how helpful and caring she was in our days. Today, even a few mothers are left in old age homes. Regardless of what they have been doing in their entire life, regardless of the service they have rendered to their family and in return never asked for even a tiniest thing becomes an example of loneliness as well. Relationship may change. That doesn't mean they are supposed to change in a bad way. There should be new milestones and chapters of life that should be shared with her. The child should be excited to see what the future holds for both of them. At the end, I would like you to go home and give your mother a hug and a kiss on her cheek and tell her that you love her.

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