Parenting With No Regrets....

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I am a mother of two lovely daughters Zoey, aged 3 years and Elina, aged 1 year. The journey in the past 3 years have been no less than a roller coaster ride. Having two c-section deliveries and a bed rest of only 20 days at both times, it wasn't a cake walk. I had joined a baby group at the time Zoey was born. I was sometimes jealous seeing the other mothers enjoy the pampering or help with kids and other stuff. But then I also saw these mothers struggling to raise their kids the way they wanted to. Among all the chaos, tiring days and nights together, I had that inner satisfaction of raising my daughter the way I always wanted her to. I was the one deciding if i wanted to save my child from evil eyes or to give her solids or cow's milk or water early, delayed or as suggested by her paed. It was me taking each and every decision and it was me and my daughter facing it's consequences. I was tired to the core but Zoey being one of the most hyper kids, rest was nowhere to be seen. With all these challenges, I went ahead and planned my other little wonder, Elina, when Zoey was 1.5 years. As I progressed with my second pregnancy, I was a bit anxious and requested my mom to leave everything that was on her list and come help me around the time Elina was to deliver. But life had other plans. With all the complications and stuff, Elina wished to arrive almost a month early. The first time Zoey embraced Elina in her little arms, I was teary eyed and instantly knew these two were meant to be together. My mom arrived in this emergency situation but as no one was prepared for something like this, she had to leave after 15 days. And then it was me and kids again. With Elina around, definitely challenges were tougher, but I knew I have done it once with flying colours and I can do it again. I took each day as it came. With both my hands full, time just seemed to vanish and I saw my little toddler turn into a beautiful sister. Zoey was too young but she loved being an elder sister to the core. Zoey cannot stand it if someone wishes to take Elina away. She would go ahead and tell people to play with her sister for only 5 min and give her back. There were times I had to use the blackmailing card that Elina will be given back to the doctor to get Zoey to agree to do things. She is as much of a mother to Elina as I am. With occasional sibling jealousy and whinings, we still make up to be the happiest threesome. The early morning cuddles or the afternoon tingling fights or the stroller walks, each have laid their own memory stones. Elina is already one year and now when I look back on time, I see myself grown much stronger and happier over time. I wouldn't have wished this journey to be any other way and never will. No regrets for any of the challenges that came my way or that will be coming in future, that's my parenting with no regrets....

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  • Loved it..,??

    Rahul Sharma

  • Nice one Reena.. do keep sharing your experiences with these ‘Two little kittens’ here and otherwise ..

    Deepak Lama

  • Loved it Reena !!

    Sweta Bindal