Personality Versus People – The Debate Continues! But Let’s Find The Substance Out Of It!

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There has been a lot of talk on personality and its development. Psychologists have written lengthy chronicles on the subject arguing various parameters like looks, accent and affinity towards sports or career and others as the determinants of personality that a person develops. Even the people in modern world are very conscious about it because it determines their overall persona and acceptability in society. Also that, everyone is curious to know the best tricks to adore an appealing personality! But what about the debate of personality versus people? This debate is more sort of puzzle that stuns the mind and what could be derived through it? Only fewer psychologists and experts have talked about the blurred distinctions that give rise to this debate. They say personalities rise from among the people and the distinctness attributes and intensities rule! In the corporate and companies also, we find few individuals who are seen as charismatic while others follow!

The pursuit of ‘people’ for ‘personality’

The personalities versus people discussion is more sort of biased and derives much from the trait theory wherein it is believed that leaders are born and seldom people could learn it! The behavioral psychologists have believed otherwise and they counter this debate as defunct. Well there is no last conclusion available on this and it continues! The most meaningful direction that could be derived from such a debate is that there is a bright chance for every ‘common’ social dweller who aspires to be a ‘personality’ in life; as opposed to those who are not inspired! We find many enthusiasts who are much concerned about how they look and what people feel about them. Some attempt the goodness and charm through hairstyles and apparels and some earn it through their skills and expositions. The paths are many and very generic too; such that every aspirant of ‘personality’ has to engage in and decipher the passage to win his personality of choice.

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