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Social media is omnipresent and according to a recent report, global internet users browsed social media for up to 135 minutes per day in 2017, an increase of 126 minutes in 2016. There has been a lot of debate regarding the negative effects of social media on children, but it is also a fact that social media can be effectively used as a learning tool at all levels of education.

Almost 8 out of 10 teenagers have an account on at least one of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat or Twitter. Education and media have always been interconnected. In the pre-social media times, education industry depended a lot of print and electronic media but now, social media has changed the rules of the game. Education is changing rapidly and there are a lot of advantages to incorporating social media as a means of education at schools and colleges.

Builds a stronger learning community – Administrators across schools and universities are using social media on a large scale to build stronger connections with students and their parents. School news is shared over these platforms and parents are kept up to date with all that is happening. It helps in building stronger networks.

Enhances parental engagement – It is nearly not possible to engage with all the families via a paper newsletter. But when parents like, comment or share a school post on social media platforms, it becomes easier for the school authorities to engage with almost all the parents. The parents also benefit from receiving the information much faster than earlier.

Easily available and inexpensive – The earlier methods like newsletters, billboards etc. to promote your educational network was expensive and needed a lot of time to take shape. But with the advent of technology, it has become a lot easier to spread the word over social media in an interactive and fun way. Now, most of the schools have digital classrooms where teachers use YouTube videos etc. to make the students understand a concept and hence the productivity has greatly increased.

Benefits for students – Most institutions of learning have a Facebook page where they share the updates regarding changes in class schedules, details about assignments, tests etc. Students can ask their doubts from the instructors over these platforms. It also promotes teamwork since students can communicate much better via social media when working on a group project. There is no need to carry heavy books or dictionary now. They can browse the internet at any time for their doubts. There is also a growing trend of remote classrooms where live sessions of experts from one country can benefit students in another country.

Competitive advantage – Institutes that have an online presence are more likely to be ahead of others because according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, 65% of the people go online to search for educational content. Thus, the chances of promotion are better. There are also some challenges to the usage of social media in education. Most of the users cite security and safety of the students as the main challenge. Also engaging the kids in only constructive browsing is also a major concern in parents. Many students prefer to keep their social life separate from their educational life. Also. Studies have proved that there is a negative relationship between time spent on social media and academic performance. But research suggests that it may be because of multi-tasking. Survey also suggest that academic instructors need proper training to fully inculcate social media in their curriculum. So, in order to tap the full benefits of such platforms, it is important to include digital medium training for teachers. Social media and digital technologies are here to stay for long. There has been a lot of research being conducted on the impact of social media on education.

They are focused on aspects such as how it impacts the educational design, what it takes to effectively integrate social media in a student’s life and does it really make a difference in how children fare in their field of study. Social media is a great tool to spread awareness about the importance of education and to gain knowledge and spread information. **Bookmyactivity helps you to find classes and activities according to what you like. You can also book your classes on the site or the app. There are many options available on the app and website like swimming, karate, football, skating, cricket, music, painting, beauty, fashion etc. So, visit the app or site to book your classes, activities, workshops etc. today!


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