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India is a land of colorful languages. As per reports, more than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues. There are 121 languages which are spoken by 10,000 or more people in India. Here, the call for translators can be seen as a very big opportunity. Making a career in language translation or Interpreter will not just give you a rewarding career but you will also land up meeting different people from diverse cultures. With lots of money coming in, it is also a challenge and fun too.  With Bookmyactivity you can find out about a lot of language classes in your towns and cities and start preparing to become a language translator or interpreter.

Mandarin Chinese is considered to be one of the most complex languages to learn. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg learned Chinese and left everyone in a jolt.  His speech delivery in Mandarin Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing in 2014 is still a source of motivation for many. The question in my mind is, if he can why can’t we? All you need is will to do and reach out to your dream of becoming a translator.

Firstly, you must decide which language you wish to learn and what scope does it have for you in the world of translation jobs. You can start learning a new language at any age and possibly in any town that offers good language courses. Nowadays translators are fetching huge bucks by learning Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Punjabi etc.

What to look in a language class

Is the language course or workshop near your residence?

Is the class easy on your pocket? Joining a very expensive batch can be troublesome for many students.

Is the language instructor offering online support?

Are they offering any practical help? Like taking you to language seminars nearby?

Is the language course offering a facility to learn from home too?

Check if the class is not too crowded. It can be difficult to concentrate

Are they offering job prospects/ support too after the completion of course

It’s fun to learn any new language

It is always a challenge with a lot of fun to learn any new language. New letters, a new style of writing, the dialect always excites you to do even better every day. You can start the process by choosing the best language class around you and once you have spent some time there, start reading some literature in the language that you are learning. Suppose you are learning Italian, go to an Italian restaurant and try and read their menu and ask for any corrections from the real people (who speak the language with perfect dialect).


Many people learn a new language just for increasing their knowledge or just out of sheer curiosity.  Decide why you wish to learn any new language and then choose your course accordingly. There are basic courses, expert courses in language and also special courses if you wish to make a career as a translator. You will learn to read and write the language according to the course you have selected. If you are traveling abroad and hence the need, let the instructor know about it. If the need for learning a language is because of an entrance exam, the course and duration can be different too. In Bali, many people are tour guides who learn English. So, your language needs can be a lot different from other people learning the same language.  You can choose to join any specialized course for interpreters depending purely on your need.

What do the numbers say?

As per an India today report from Adzuna, a search engine for job ads, studying foreign languages can land you a lucrative job with a high salary.

Chinese speakers are the highest paid.

The demand for Chinese speakers is also growing rapidly, with an almost 80% increase in job ads requesting fluency in the language from January to December last year.

English is the highest in demand (but European languages are the most profitable)

For job seekers hoping for a higher salary and a greater amount of job opportunities, European languages are promising.

Bilingual teachers can expect to earn the most, as teaching is the highest paying sector for the French, Spanish and German languages.

Local languages see the biggest growth in demand but suffer the lowest wages.

punjabi speakers saw the biggest growth in demand from employers, with job openings skyrocketing by 264% from January to December last year

Why taking up a career as a translator or interpreter can be rewarding?

You can enjoy flexible hours

You get paid well

You can do independent working and take up assignments

Lots of overseas opportunities

Go ahead as a book translator

Not everyone is keen to start their career as an interpreter. They prefer translating books and educational materials. This choice can also be very well-paid. There are a lot of English, Hindi, Spanish, French writers who want their books to be translated into numerous other languages. Once you start this, you will get hold of many major big projects too within no time. Just keep writing and translating.

Freelance translator

There’s nothing more comforting than working at your own terms and timings and earning well too. The same can happen in freelance translation career. If you wish to take up selective projects and do them as per your choice and comforts,  freelance translation is the thing for you. Just know and understand what the client exactly wants and be your own boss.   There are a lot of language courses that teach translation work too. As a freelance translator, you can manage your day depending on the demands of your clients. You can spend time with family too. Basically, your pay will depend on how many hours and days you want to work. You can choose the time of work and also enjoy the rest of the time with friends and family.  All you need is a fast working Internet connection, laptop and a convenient place to sit and work.

So, the job of a language translator can be the way you want it to be. The choice is entirely yours. Just be wise in choosing the right language class in your area and you will have a flying career in the world of language experts and translation/Interpretation.


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