Skill Development – The Need Of It & And How To Create Resonance!

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‘Skill’ is the competence attribute possessed individually and it remains in high demand in industry and economy because it means ‘productivity’ that naturally funnels down as profit! The human resource that lacks skill is considered a passive segment and its earning capacity is always less comparatively! The concept of ‘skill development' therefore has been considered as very demanded if the progress is to be made (both individually and socially). While national skill development missions characterize every social - political landscape, the true and optimized results have been sort of elusive in most cases. Aware persons are inspired to learn set of specific skills that are in demand in economy. This could be through vocational training certificate program or through an unorganized mechanism that are available through multitudes of passages. However, we do find backlashes despite the formal and informal skill development initiatives in different societies. Where the discrepancies lie and why these remain unattended? These questions have become more significant in the modern context when the gaps are threatening to the extent of reverses in the achievements of mankind!

The skill development missions need to be responsive, consider the experts! There has to be a resonance between the requirements of economy and the availability of the skilled men. This is vital because of the fact that economy and markets have become very dynamic and thus the requirements are shifting as time passes. More practically, this phenomenon could be explained through the indices like automation in industry, computerization, economic differentiation, tech upgrades and new services among others. These indices directly have a bearing on the demand for skilled hands in the industry. The planners have to shift their goals continuously if the gaps are to be avoided. Strangely, the seekers are more active in deciphering the changes but the public agencies are sluggish by their attributes of ‘red tape’ and ‘administrative lq’.

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