Survival With Education

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What is the real meaning of education, do we need education just to get a job or be able to survive in this world or feed ourselves. Well if education just means to survive then we don't need it, all animals are to surviving on this planet and they are not giving any exams, whereas they are doing better than us. Learning should be used for the welfare of humanity and its development, not just mere competing and running blindly towards emptiness. Today children are sent to best schools to study and overall development so they can make a place for themselves in the society. They have a curriculum and decorum which they have to follow strictly with discipline. But the only school is not enough they need tutors, coachings, and online courses to clear exams and entrances.

Children start taking questions from the very beginning and flourishing the business of coaching centers prove that only school education is not enough so a child has to take admission in these classes, even parents don't want to take any chances and they push their ward in this rat race The gadgets are also purchased to help them with the click of buttons. Whether it's to draw a sketch or write an essay, ideas come from Google. Where are the original minds and ideas, all we are doing is improvising on the already discovered ideas but nobody is ready to risk on New Ventures? It's like a factory that has a mechanism to produce the end product, though some emphasis is given to talent too scores are more important than anything else. A child is like a clay pot we mold them according to our assumptions and beliefs and taking into account the best possibilities for their future. But in this process, we make them dependant on others even for small class assignments and they become robots who just follow the commands.

The skills, talents, and creativity are crushed and in due course, kids to start thinking about scores and admissions and academics only. They want a good job good earnings and excel in their field. Whether it's science, commerce, or humanities for all subjects one need extra classes even languages. And the cost for them is no less than school fees. The question arises why do we need to send children to schools, we can arrange for Tuition and coachings and they can study from home, exams can be booked and they can just give exams to pass a grade or update their versions to be precise. This system is leading us to a generation that will be dependent on gadgets only and will be unable to free themselves from machines. Education widens one's horizon but it shouldn't be the only criteria, importantly it should be able to teach children so they can be confident
and free to explore and not just feed their minds like machines.

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