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It is rightly said that “When you open a book, you open a new world.” Reading is a part of our everyday life from a very early age. It especially plays a very important role in the growth and development of little children. If you develop the habit of reading in your child from an early age, you are sure to raise a responsible and confident adult. There are several benefits of reading for children:

KEEP THEM AWAY FROM GADGETS- Most of the parents today are pretty baffled by the question of how should the kids be kept away from smartphones, TV etc. Books can surely be your rescue. You can either want to read the book to your child or just let him turn the pages alone. Both ways he is off technology for a good period of time. So, once they develop this habit, they are more likely to choose books over other options when given a chance. For preschoolers, start with books with a lot of pictures and big letters. This will catch their attention at once.


INCREASE IN VOCABULARY – The books help in an increase in vocabulary in little children. The more you read to them the better they become in their learning and recognizing new words. You have to make sure that you emphasize on new words so that the child’s brain gets used to it. They are exposed to different words and phrases which they might not come across to in their daily lives. It also develops their language skills.


BUILDING BETTER CONCENTRATION – At first, your child may not be really interested in reading and you may find it difficult to hold his attention at a single page even for a few seconds. But if you read to your child consistently, gradually the child will learn to sit still and pay attention for a longer duration of time. This will also help them when they join school later.


EXPOSURE TO DIFFERENT TOPICS – At home, the child is exposed to only a limited number of things. But books open up the gates for an altogether new world to them. You can act and enact various characters mentioned in the books. Encourage your child to make different sounds and actions as you read books to them. Initially, you can introduce books through which they can learn animals, birds, colors, objects etc.


TEACHES EMPATHY TO THE CHILD – When you read books which showcase particular morals and lessons then it leaves a positive impact on your kid’s mind. They start relating to the characters in the books and feel the way they feel. So, even if the moral of the story is very small Like ‘sharing’ or ‘caring’, it really leaves an impact.


DEVELOPS IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY – When you read to your child, they start imagining the characters and sounds to be real. They get really excited about what is going to happen on the next page of the book. Play a guessing game with the child and be amazed at their creativity.


SPEND SOME QUALITY TIME – Reading books with your kids help to develop a special bond between your child and you. This is a great opportunity to talk, read and interact with your children. It really steals some time from your busy schedule to spend with your children.


So, either visit your nearest bookstore or buy online, but add that joy of learning in your child’s life. Make him/her a life-long learner and watch him grow with every book he/she reads.


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